The Fisher Family

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Wedding Day

The day of the wedding was busy and a little stressful, but we survived it all and it was nearly perfect.  Below are the lanterns leading to the door.
When the church was all decorated I snapped a few pictures while all was quiet. Below is the book signing table.
The table for the gifts.
One of Alyse's bridal pictures.
A table all decorated.
Part of the desert buffet table.
The picture table.
For the wedding video.
Eliza sitting in the arch.
Alyse with two of her flower girls.
Some of the deserts.
The Bride and Groom.
This is a terrible picture hopefully the photographer got a lot better one of Alyse and her sisters. 
Alyse with all the Fisher girls.
All the bridesmaids
Alyse with some flower girls.
My son and daughter in law.
Kaitie smelling her little bouquet.
Me with Warren.
Warren and his mom,
Holding Alyse's train.
Me with kids by the cake.
Alsye with kids by the cake.
The wedding cake.
Annie and Alsye.
Annie, Alyse, and Jarom.
Me with my dear friend Bonnie who came all the way from Texas for the wedding.
My kids with a dear friend.
Kaitie hoping to reach one more treat.
Throwing the bouquet.
After the throw.
Alyse with her friend that caught the bouquet.
Getting the garter to throw.
Father and bride dance.
Alyse dancing with her new husband.
Three of my cute girls.
Doing some dancing.  Two of my grandkids are in the group and boy could they bust some moves!
The get away car.
The next day Mr. and Mrs. Wright invited who ever would like to to watch them open their gifts.   They got some nice things.  It was a beautiful wedding and I wish I had given my camera to someone to capture some more moments that I missed.  I was a little stressed and didn't think of it.  Hopefully the photographer got what I missed.  Alyse literally married Mr. Wright!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Wedding Dinner

The night before Alyse and Jarom got married Jarom's family hosted a dinner at the church so the two families  could meet and get to know each other.  The caterers that did our reception also catered this dinner.  It was wonderful!  Below is my son, one of my daughters and a granddaughter.
Andrew and his wife Annie.
One of my daughters and one of my sisters.
Some grandchildren, a daughter, and a son in law.
Me and my Alyse.
My husband, a brother in law, and a sister.
Me with 6 of my 8 grandchildren.
Cute Warren making a toast.
Westi enjoying his mac and cheese.  It was so nice of the caterers to include a children's menu. 
The yummy punch.
Jarom, Alyse, and a good friend from their mission.
Some of Jarom's brothers and sisters.
Me and Bri.
Jarom's parents and a sister.
Grandkids and one of Jarom's sisters.
Annie and Marilyn.
It was such a lovely dinner and evening.  A big thank you to the Wright family!