The Fisher Family

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September Birthdays and more on Annie!!!

At our last family dinner we celebrated our September birthdays.  Mr. H was turning 14 and it was so sad because he was sick that day and missed his own party:(  We still sang to him and his dad recorded it on his phone for him:)
Brianna was turning 5 and she was so excited:)
Me with the birthday girl.
The whole family.  We took a couple of pictures trying to get everyone.
Opening presents.
On Mr. H's real birthday Kim and I made it over to see him, gave him his present and a little cake. We had such a nice visit with him and all of his family:)
Me with the birthday boy.
Brianna had her first friend party this year.  It had a Hello Kitty theme.
The pinata was a HIT:)
Getting ready for pizza, veggies, and cupcakes:)
Brianna with her cupcake and 5 year candle:)
Below is Annie with her district having a good bye party for a beloved teacher.
At the Temple.  Every P day she gets to go to the Temple while she is at the MTC.
At the Temple again with her companions and an Elder.
The famous picture at the map of the world pointing to where she is going.  She has been out for 9 weeks now.  Three more weeks and she will be on her way to Tahiti:)
This is a random picture of me with my little sunbeam class:)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Annie has been at the MTC for six weeks now.  She is loving it!!  All of her letters home are full of gratitude, love, and testimony.  We love hearing from her.  Her letters always make us cry. (in a good way:)  Below she is with her companions.  Right now she is in a threesome.
Her with other sisters that are headed to Tahiti.
Annie with her first companion who went home due to anxiety.
At the Temple with all the missionaries headed to Tahiti.
Annie ran into a friend who just lives up the street from us.  The two pictures below are of them.
Learning French.
Annie has finished learning French and is now learning Tahitian.  She has had some wonderful teachers and amazing speakers.  If you would like more details about her mission check out her mission blog at or you can get to it from my blog under Sister Adrianna Fisher.
This little cutie started Preschool and is loving it.  Her on the first day.
My oldest grandson is now playing High School football.  It is fun to watch him play.
Our garden is producing if anyone needs zucchini or tomatoes. 
On Labor Day we labored making jam.
We made strawberry, raspberry, and peach.  A big thank you to my husband, two of my daughters, and a son in law who all worked hard making it. (It's a little hard one handed to do it) We just had a party doing it.
This little cutie started ballet today:)
I got my hard cast on today!! YAY!! In a little over three weeks I will get the cast off.  I can't wait!!