The Fisher Family

Monday, August 17, 2015

Jackson Hole, Summer Birthdays, and other Summer Fun:)

A week and a half after we got home from Tahiti we headed off to do some camping up by Jackson Hole. Nothing tastes better than Hot dogs cooked over a camp fire or roasted marshmallows for smores.  Grandpa is an expert at cooking those hot dogs!
We had fun swimming in the hot springs!
We enjoyed the beautiful scenery!
Going on a hike to the river to skip rocks was one of the little girls favorite things to do:)
Alyse and Jarom at Granite Falls.  We had a fun family hike up to it and then enjoyed some time hanging out by it.
Annie climbed up high by it.
April, Brianna, and Kaitlyn by the Granite Falls sign.
Grandpa hiking with the little girls.
At the Granite Falls.
We enjoyed an afternoon and evening in Jackson Hole.
 Back home I was able to attend the Tutu Festival where I saw this beautiful dancer perform.
On the 24th of July we had some fun activities at our Rec Center.  Below Eliza and Kaitlyn our enjoying rolling around in big bouncing balls.
Brianna had fun on some bounce slides.
April and her girls.
We have had fun at some movies this summer.
I've enjoyed some time at the splash pad park with some of my grandkids.
We had a fun Birthday party for the July and August Birthdays in our family.  Alyse planned a Carnival themed party this year.  We all had cakes with clowns or balloons on them except for Miss E who had a banana cream pie for her birthday cake.
Alyse got clown noses for everyone to wear:)
It's hard to get a picture of the whole family with everyone looking at the camera.
both Kim and I tried though:)
Alyse got tricked by her trick candles that relight after she would blow them out:)
We had lots of different games for the kids to play. A bean bag toss.  Knocking balls off their stand with a squirt gun, Knocking down stacked cans with a ball, and pin the nose on the clown.  There were some water balloon games too.  
It was such a fun party!  Thanks Alyse.  Now the summer is almost over :( and school will soon be starting.  It's been a fun summer but has gone by way too fast!