The Fisher Family

Thursday, July 25, 2013


The last few weeks have been crazy busy as we have finished up everything for Annie to leave on her mission.  She has had 5 months since she got her call but it has finally happened. She is gone.  That is bitter-sweet for me.  I miss her so much already, but I am so happy she is doing what the Lord would have her do. Tues. night she was set apart as  a missionary.  It was a sweet hour as each family member shared their testimony and advice for Annie before our Stake President set her apart as a missionary.  I was especially touched by my oldest grandsons sweet testimony.  Below is Annie with the Priesthood holders who set her apart.
Wed. was her big day.  We had all the family over for breakfast and to hang out and say good bye.
A big thank you to Jenn who had a migraine headache but was a champ and was still there to support her little sister anyway.
Annie and my oldest grandson are best friends!
She is going to miss her nieces and nephews sooo much!
She had a bunch of friends over after her setting apart and these two dropped by to say good bye before she left yesterday.
Driving down to the MTC.  Having all my kids in the car seemed like old times when they were all young.  We shared some fun memories on the way down.
Annie with her siblings.
With her Mom.
With Dad.
Annie at the MTC.  Or should I say Sister Fisher.
We love you so much Annie and are so very proud of you!  Now the adventure begins:)
When I got home from the MTC I mailed her a package and emailed her. Then in the evening Alyse, Jarom, and I took Eliza and Brianna to do fire works.  it was a fun evening and kept my mind off missing my daughter.
Before Annie left we had a fun late night family night with some of the family at my oldest daughters house. We made our own snow cones.  Yummy.
We also cooked marshmallows and made smores.  They were yummy too!
We got to go to a couple of different Temples with Annie and that was really special!
We had a celebration in honor of Annie going to the Temple and on her mission.

The people of Tahiti will be blessed to have Annie serving there and she will be blessed to be there serving them.  Good luck with learning French and Tahitian.  We know you can do it! I feel so blessed to be Annie's mom:)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Family Reunion 2013

I was in charge of my family reunion this year.  It can be a lot of work and I owe a big thank you to my husband, my kids, and my sisters who all helped with the food and games.  It was just a great reunion!! We had  a really good turn out.  It was so fun to see all these relatives that I just don't see very often.  Below is me with my two sisters who could be there.
Everyone had fun visiting.
It is so fun to see my kids having fun with each other!
It was so fun to catch up with some nieces, nephews, cousins that I haven't seen in forever!
It was fun to meet the new ones who have recently joined the family.

It was fun to see the little kids having fun as well as the big kids!
The water balloon game was the perfect game for a hot summer day.
I big thank you to Kim for manning the grill and cooking eggs, sausages, and bacon for 50 people and to my niece's husband for helping him.
Lots of good food.
Me with four of my five kids.  Annie took the picture for me.  She is often camera shy but promised me pictures of her when she leaves for the MTC.  It was such a fun reunion, I'm grateful for everyone who helped and for everyone who came.  Annie told me on the way home that it was the most fun one she had ever been too.  Her saying that made my day!