The Fisher Family

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sleep Over

Friday night our daughter Jennifer and her kids slept over at our house because they are doing some major remodeling at their house and the plumber had all their water turned off. If you"re going to have a sleep over then you need to have a party. Friday night we all played video games, ate snacks and watched movies. Jenn, Kim and I stayed up way too late watching the movie of John Adams that Jenn and Joel had given Kim for Christmas. It was very good! The picture below is of Mckay and Emma Sat. morning. Emma is quite a little artist. This is a random picture of Warren and Andy. I tend Warren every Thur. and when his Dad brought him this week I thought they looked so cute in their red and gray that I just had to get a picture of them! What cute boys!

Some of the gang Friday night at our sleep over.
Mckay, Annie, and Emma having fun Friday night.

At our house Kim brings home the bacon but Sat. morning he burned the bacon while making breakfast for everyone. Smoke alarms went off, the alarm company called to see if they needed to send a fire engine. It was all very exciting and and we all got a good laugh out of it. The eggs, sausage, and English pan cakes all survived the cooking and we enjoyed them a lot! Thanks Kim aka Grandpa & Dad for breakfast. Thanks the rest of you for a fun sleepover!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy B-day Eric

This coming Saturday is my son-in-law Eric's birthday. Since his family lives in Texas they won't get to celebrate his birthday with him in person. I feel so grateful to have their little family living close to me so that I can share in their lives! This past Sunday our family celebrated Eric's birthday with him. Happy Birthday Eric we hope the year is a good one for you!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weekend Get Away

We are in an inversion which means we have really nasty air. Since Annie had last Friday off from school because it was the end of the term and we all had Monday off because of MLK day the girls begged to go somewhere. We all wanted to get away from our nasty air and so we headed to St. George where it is pushing 60 degrees and there is no inversion. We left Friday afternoon and arrived in St. George that evening. We spend most of Sat. in Zions National Park. Kim was determined to hike to the top of Angel's Landing which is the tall hunk of rock in the picture below. It was a beautiful day, but Zion's was a lot cooler than St. George. We faced ice and snow all along the trail. After an hour I had had it and headed back down the mountain to the car. I blame my lack of energy on having been sick all of last week. The other three continued on to the top! Yeah Kim, Alyse, and Annie! I had a good book to read in the car and thats what I did for the next couple of hours while they finished their hike.

The St. George Temple is a beautiful Temple. Annie wondered how they got it so white?
It was a nice get away.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy B-day April / Hot Dog Dancing

This past Sunday we celebrated April's birthday with the family! It was a fun party! Hard to believe my baby is 28 and has 2 babies of her own!

April with Eliza and Brianna on Monday her real birthday. Alyse was nice enough to tend the girls so I could take April to lunch.

April with her family at our family party.

Warren provided the entertainment at the family party with his Hot Dog Dance, checkout the video!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

Last week Annie celebrated her sixteenth birthday! (Is my baby really old enough to drive and date?) As unbelievable as it seems to me she is. The family came over the Sunday before her birthday and we celebrated it with them. On her real birthday I took her to lunch and to Gardner Village. Then with Alyse's help we actually pulled off a surprise party for her! She was SURPRISED! So thanks everyone for keeping it a secret. It made it lots of fun! Below is Annie at her surpise party. Annie with some of her friends who came to her party.

Annie celebrating her birthday with the family.

Annie with her cookie cake. She doesn't like cake.