The Fisher Family

Monday, April 26, 2010

Champions and Endings

Last Thursday morning bright and early we headed out to Reno Nevada for the Far Westerns Volleyball Tournament. There were a few thousand girls attending the tournament. They came from California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado. We ended up taking half of our team with us in our car. Below are the girls just before we left. Those lucky girls got to sleep and watch movies all the way to Reno.
First day of play.

Second day of play.

Third day of play.

Me and Annie. I'm wearing my Volleyball Mom shirt.
After three long exciting days of volleyball our team won the championship title in our division! WOW!

For winning they got their picture taken by a professional photographer and each girl will get a Champion T shirt in their size! It really was fun to see them win! In two weeks we have our last tournament and then the club season is over.

Last Thursday night while we were in Reno Alyse was enjoying her last Kappa activity of the year and the last one as an officer. She had a good time but shed a few tears as well. She has made some great friends in Kappa.

Last Friday night Alyse attended a graduation party for one of her old BYU room mates. It was fun for her to see Dianna again. An ending and new beginning for her friend.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Exciting Announcement

What do all three of these little cuties have in common? All three will have a new baby join their family's this year. A month or so ago I told about Warren becoming a big brother. His new little brother will join his family in Aug. Eliza and Brianna will become big sisters in the fall. I am a lucky grandma because I get not one but two new grand babies this year! I can't wait to meet theses two new little members of our family

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sweet Experience!

About three months ago our next door neighbors introduced us to Joseph and Penelope. Since that time they have come to dinner at our house twice, met weekly with us to discuss the gospel, and have been taught the missionary lessons in our home by the full time missionary couple that serves in our stake. The end result was their baptism which took place last evening in a very beautiful service. The whole experience has been a very sweet one and we now have some dear new friends and Joseph and Penelope now have the gospel to bless their lives. We are pictured below right before the baptismal service.Below are the full time missionaries, us, Penelope and Joseph and our neighbors.

It was a great day!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Some Easters have had warm temperatures, sunshine and beautiful weather. Some have been rainy. Some have been cold. This was the first Easter that I can remember where it snowed. I was grateful that it warmed up enough to melt the snow and that by late afternoon most of it was gone. Below the pictures show how the morning started and how it looked as the day went along.

It might have looked like Christmas instead of Easter outside but inside it looked very much like Spring and Easter.

We had a wonderful Easter. We enjoyed watching Conference and appreciated the messages and testimonies that were shared! In between sessions all the family came over and we enjoyed an Easter egg hunt. The grand kids also had fun searching for their Easter bag that the Easter Bunny had left for them at our house. We took lots of pictures (an Easter tradition) and had a light lunch. I love time with my family! Below are some of the pictures.

It is really hard to get a picture of the grand kids where everyone is looking at the camera.
Everyone was looking in this one but my buddy Warren was making his funny face.

The whole crew!

It doesn't have to be good weather to have a wonderful Easter, but it would be nice if next year was one of those warm sunny ones.