The Fisher Family

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mothers & Daughters and Volleyball Banquet

Last Thursday at Kappa Alyse was the officer in charge of the Mother Daughter Night. We had such a great time together! There was good food, a service project for children in Africa, and a fun game where we found out how well the daughters know their mothers. I must say Alyse knows me pretty well!

Last night we attended Annie's volleyball banquet at her school. The girls received awards and we had a wonderful dinner. The team photographer gave each girl a disk with pictures from the season on it. So I thought I'd share a few of them. The last picture is the only one I took that turned out from the banquet. It was a great season! Below is a picture of the whole team.

Below is the JV team.
The Juniors.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Saga Continues!

I have read the Twilight series and and loved them. So of course I have been excited for New Moon to come out! My oldest daughter is such a crazy fan that she went to the midnight showing with a bunch of her friends. Oh yeah my youngest daughter went to the midnight showing with a bunch of her friends too. My son and his wife were lucky enough to get free tickets to a special showing that was at 9pm. I tried getting tickets so my husband and I could go see it for our Friday night date, but there were none to be had. So we ended up seeing a 3:30 showing in the afternoon. Annie who didn't have school went with us and saw it for a 2nd time even though she had just seen it at midnight the night before. I know it doesn't have great actors in it but because I love the books so much I also love the movies! I can't wait for the next one to come out next summer!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy 4th Anniversary

This week my son and his wife celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary! Congratulations! I thought I'd share a few picture memories of their special day. Below they are at the Temple.
Below is the family at their reception.

This picture was taken of their cute family one year ago.
Below is a picture of them today. I will get to have cute little Warren over night this week so they can celebrate their anniversary. How fun will that be!

Monday, November 9, 2009

6th In State, Warren's Party

Yesterday at our family dinner we were finally able to celebrate Warren's birthday with the family. Everyone was there except Alyse who was confined to her bedroom with a likely case of swine flu. She is almost all better but we didn't want to take the chance of her getting someone else sick. Below is our little cutie with his birthday cake. He loved having happy birthday sung to him and blowing out the candles. We had to relight and do it two times for him because it is so fun to watch him. Opening presents. He knows what to do!

Happy Birthday Warren we all love you!
Congrats to Annie's volleyball team who played in the state tournament this past weekend! They took 6th place in the state! They only lost one game and it was to Lehi, but it was the first game. By losing it the best they could place was 6th and they did it by winning all the rest of the games. It was a great season girls! Below is Annie watching a game played by the competition.
Annie's missed two games due to her injury, but was able to play in the last 4 games. below is a picture of Annie with her sister and niece and nephew who were able to support her at the Senior night game.
The spectators that were there to cheer Annie on. Annie had a lot of support from family for her last few games, thanks everyone for coming.

Our camera man.
High lights from the last few games.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Week

Halloween week was a busy fun week. Two of my sisters had birthdays this past week and we enjoyed a fun birthday lunch together in spite of the snow we got. Neither of my sisters could ever remember it ever snowing on their birthdays before and they are older than I am. I had to include the picture below because these three girls stopped by my house to show me their new haircuts. This was Brianna's first hair cut and she was good for it. Yay! Everyone's hair looks great! On Friday cute little Warren turned two years old. His parents brought him over so we could see him on his birthday. I was watching my three oldest grandkids that day and Kim, Alyse, and Annie were all home so we had to have a little cup cake birthday party with him. We will celebrate his birthday later with all the family.

Me and my little buddy.

Blowing out the candles! He loved blowing them out so much that they were relighted about 7 times so we could sing to him again and he could blow them out. It was very cute.
Last Thursday my 3 oldest grandkids had their school Halloween parade. It was fun to go see them in their costumes. Below we have Elvis.
Here's the Grim Reaper. Look at those fingernails.
Here's cute Dorthy and Todo.
The spectators.

Thursday night Kappa had a Halloween mystery dinner. The theme was the 20's. Here is Alyse in her costume.

Halloween night was the Monster Mash at Annie's school. Her group dressed as people in the 80's. She had a fun time.

My grandkids came Trick or Treating on Halloween. What a cute little dalmatian puppy!
Here's my cute little skeleton.

This little frog and puppy were so cute together!

The frog and the cowboy? No maybe its just grandpa working in the yard.

Cutest frog ever.

Scary Grim Reaper.

Cute Dorthy!

Halloween was so much fun! All my grand kids came to visit. We attended our neighbors annual Halloween barbecue, and all the snow had melted! Alyse had friends over to watch Halloween movies and Annie had a fun time at her dance. It was a really great day!

I had to share this video from Warrens little party. Every time we sang Happy Birthday and got to the part where we said happy birthday dear Warren he would raise his hand and touch his chest and say that's me! It was so cute!