The Fisher Family

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Annie's Farewell

Annie spoke in Sacrament meeting today prior to her leaving on her mission.  She did SUCH A GOOD JOB!!  She spoke from the heart and had such a sweet spirit.  She will be such an awesome missionary.  I am so proud of her! After the meeting we were able to get a family picture since we had everyone together.
Annie with a friend.

Caught them snuggling
Jenn and Alyse.
Kim with one of our missionaries we served with.
April and Eliza.
Enjoying good friends and food and family.
Me with my soon to be missionary.
Some people braved the heat and ate ouside.
This is random but grandpa had fun with the two cuties below.
It was one of those really good days that only happen once in a while.  I loved it!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June Birthdays and Fun with Grandkids.

Our oldest daughter and  and her husband both celebrate their birthdays in June.  We had a fun family party for them at our June Sunday dinner.  
On Jenn's real birthday we went to lunch at the Dodo. It's one of our favorite places to eat.  It was yummy!  Happy Birthday Jenn! 
Since we have grandchildren living with us we are busy keeping them busy.  I took Eliza and Brianna to a water park near us.  They had lots of fun:)

Eliza had some mad skills with the water gun.
We have had some fun at a park near us.
Going to Monsters University with the little monsters below was more fun than I thought it would be.  They were all so good in the movie!
We had some fun with cousins riding bikes and scooters at our house. Warren and Weston are amazingly good on their scooters.   So fun to watch!
Hope everyone is having a good summer.  We are:)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Fathers Day 2013

Happy Fathers Day to my sweet husband and to all the Dads out there!  Thought I'd share a little blast from the past.  Below is Kim with our oldest daughter Jennifer at nine months old.
He's holding Andrew 15 months old in the picture below.
He is holding April at 15 months in this picture.
Here he is with Alyse at 16 months.
Kim with Adrianna (Annie) on her 2nd bithday.
Now I could say match the adult with their baby picture but they are all in order so I won't.  Below is Jennifer with her Dad on Fathers day 2013.
Andrew with his Dad the night before Fathers Day 2013 at our favorite shaved ice place. 
April with her Dad on Fathers Day 2013.
Alyse with her Dad on Fathers Day 2013.
Adrianna (Annie) with her Dad on Fathers Day 2013.
The night before Fathers Day Andrew's family took Kim and I to dinner for Fathers Day.  He was nice enough to include his sisters in the invitation and most of them were able to join us.  
Andrew with his boys.  He is such a great Dad!  I'm proud of him.
After dinner we went next door to our favorite shaved ice place for dessert.  Fun times!
Andrew's family.
This is random but April got the picture back of Brianna in her band dance costume and I thought it was cute and wanted to share it.
Kim and I are blessed to have five great kids and eight darling grand kids.  Our kids all love their Dad so much and we enjoyed seeing all of them over the Fathers Day weekend.  Our kids are blessed to have such a wonderful Father!!!  Happy Fathers day!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Forty One Years!!

Kim and I celebrated forty one years of marriage yesterday!  Time flies and sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday that we got married and other times it seems like we have been married forever!  I want to express my appreciation for my sweet, loving, kind, patient husband.  He's the BEST!  Below is a picture of us that was taken the day before we got married.
Me in my wedding dress that I made.
Us at the Temple.
And us at the reception.
Us today.  We celebrated with a nice dinner and then got some dessert.  Fun evening with some reminiscing.
This is a random picture but we're all excited for Alyse and Jarom who got a new car.  Congrats guys!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Fun Never Ends!!

I have had lots of fun supporting my grandchildren over the past week.  Last Friday Eliza was presented with her Bobcat Award.  She worked very hard to earn it and I am so proud of her.
Eliza and her mom are in the picture below along with the book that Eliza got to choose for winning the award.

Eliza with the Butler Bobcat.
Me with my little cutie.
Saturday morning Warren had his last soccer game of the season.  He is such a good little player and so fun to watch. He and I are in the picture below along with his cute soccer trophy and soccer sugar cookie.
Saturday evening a bunch of the family attended Brianna's little dance production.  The theme was the circus and she was such a cute part of the band.  They got to perform 3 times on stage and we were grateful for that because for the 2nd dance she came out and had stage fright so bad that she ran back off.  She did great in the two other performances.  Below she looks like she is growing right out of all the flowers she was given.
Me with my sweetie.
Grandpa and Brianna.
Some of the family and friends of April who attended.
Monday Annie and I finally made it down to the Provo and American Fork cemeteries to put flowers on my grandparents graves.
Tues. was the Kindergarten program at Eliza'a school.  It was so cute and she did such a good job.
At different times in the program the students were highlighted on a big screen sharing some of the things they had learned in school over the past year.
Wed. was Brianna's Preschool graduation program. 
She loved singing the songs and doing the actions to them.
She was so excited when she was presented her preschool certificate and a bottle of bubbles.
Here she is with her diploma. 
And here she is with grandma.
After the program we enjoyed treats and then story time.  She got to sit on Moms lap for it.
...And now summer begins so more fun to come!!