The Fisher Family

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Sad End To The Begining

Last Friday afternoon and evening and again on Saturday Annie's High School volleyball team began their season with a tournament that involved schools from all up and down the Wasatch front. They did awesome earning the the top spot in their Poole Friday night. The sad part happened in the last game of the last match when Annie fell on her wrist injuring it. At first the coaches thought it was broken but after 10 minutes of icing it she could move it again and they felt like it was just a sprain.

A big thanks to the family that came and supported her. These two were some of her biggest cheerleaders.

Saturday she was in pain, but determined to play so she wouldn't lose her starting position. They taped her up good and she played. The team played hard and took 4th place over all . Way to go Titans.

Sunday her wrist was really hurting her. We figured she overdid on Sat. Sunday night she told me it had finally stopped hurting but at practice on Monday she found she was in so much pain she couldn't play. She came home and went to the Dr.'s. The crushing news for her was that she had a hair line fracture and she is out of the volleyball season for six weeks. We had a lot of weeping and wailing at our house last night. It is sad. This is her Senior year and her last chance to play and she had earned the starting setter position on the varsity team. It doesn't seem fair to any of us because she has worked so hard for this. That is how life is though. It isn't fair. Now Annie has the challenge of being a good sport and watching her team play with out her while cheering them on. The one silver lining is that if all goes well she'll be able to play in the last few games of the season and hopefully the State tournament. Good luck Annie we are all rooting for you!

Monday, August 23, 2010

In Memory, First Day of School, Happy Anniversary

One of Alyse's dearest friends past away last Sat. morning from injuries he got in a motorcycle accident. She has been in deep mourning ever since. Our hearts go out to the Muir family. They are in our thoughts and prayers. Alyse wanted to share some photos in memory of Jeff. Some really wonderful memories!

Annie started school today. She is a SENIOR. Where has the time gone? Have a great senior year Annie!

Today April and Eric are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary!

A lot can happen in five years. They are expecting daughter number three in November.

I got to watch cute Eliza and Brianna while they celebrated their anniversary.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Introducing Weston and This is the Place.

Last Wed. I got to have another fun grandkids day but this time it was just with the granddaughters and my daughters who wanted to tag a long. We visited This is the Place Park. It was fun to see the Pioneer homes, see how they wove cloth and spun thread. The girls had fun doing laundry, beating rugs, learning how to milk a cow, and making candles. We had a great time.

Both the big kids and little kids enjoyed the petting zoo.

Brianna cried and wanted off of her pony, but the other two girls had lots of fun riding theirs.

All the girls waiting at the train stop for the train ride.

Last Thursday our cute new little grandson made his appearance. Below is Warren meeting his new baby brother for the first time after his birth.

He loves kissing the top of his head.

The new arrival is Weston James and he looks a lot like his big brother.

First family photo with the new arrival.

Proud Grandma.

Day two 24 hours later. He has grown and changed a little all ready.

Day three. We are having to take a number for our turn to hold him.

Day four. Home from the hospital.

The cousins love meeting their new cousin.

Welcome to the world Weston! We are so grateful to have you here safely!