The Fisher Family

Monday, August 29, 2016

Family Pictures and Our Dancers

We had fun getting new family pictures of everyone in our back yard.  Jenn's family had theirs taken at the bridge by the pond just outside our subdivision.  below was my favorite. 
Jenn's darling kids.
Andy's family.
April's family.
Alyse and Jarom
Cute Annie.
Kim and I
The grandkids in order of age.
All the grandkids together.
Hugging each other.
Annie with her nieces and nephews
Jenn's family in the backyard.
The whole family.  
Here our some pictures of our little dancers.  Below is Kaitlyn as a Sleeping Beauty in the ballet A PRINCESS GARDEN.
Kaitlyn dancing.
Brianna as a Villager in Coppellia.
Brianna as a May Pole dancer.
Eliza as a Sun in Coppelia.
Eliza as a Festival dancer.
Emma as a Prayer Dancer in Coppelia.
Emma as a Villager in Copellia.
Emma as a Coachman in A PRINCESS GARDEN.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Temple, Jackson Hole, Back Yard Pictures

We had the sweetest day with our oldest grandson, his parents and our other daughters as our grandson went through the Temple for the first time.  Below are Kim and I with our grandson.
Other family members
Cute Mckay
Annie with Mckay who has been like a little brother to her.
We had a fun trip camping up by Jackson Hole.  We did a fun river run one of the days. Below is grandpa with some of the grandkids.
Jarom and Warren.

Mckay and Weston
Every now and then our guide would let the kids hang on to the raft and play in the water. 
He also let each child have a turn rowing. Kaitlyn's turn.
We love cooking hot dogs and roasting marshmallows over the fire.
We enjoyed driving through Yellowstone and seeing Old Faithful.  Below are the grandkids that were with us.
Old Faithful going off behind Warren.
We enjoyed our day in Jackson Hole.
Kim and I with the grandkids
All of us.
These are a few candid shots of our family back yard pictures.