The Fisher Family

Monday, April 27, 2009

Annie's B-Day/ Late Easter Celebration

This past Sunday we celebrated the birthday of my cute daughter in law Annie. Happy Birthday Annie from all of us!

Since we had been in Hawaii for Easter we had a late celebration with 2 Fisher family Easter traditions. An Easter Egg hunt and taking lots of family pictures. Below we have the whole family.
Here are 6 of the cutest kids I know! Its nice to have 3 older cousins to hold onto the 3 babies while we get pictures.

Happy little Brianna.

Emma and Brianna.

Hunter and Eliza.

Mckay and Warren, Emma and Brianna.

Jennifer's family.

Andrew's famiy.

April's family.

Sometimes when we're all together things get pretty wild!Annie, Alyse, Linda and Kim.
We love having all the family together! Fun Times!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Congrats Alyse/ More Hawaii

Alyse has just been called to be an officer in her LDS sorority. For the next year she will serve as historian for the Kappa chapter of Lambda Delta Sigma. She was set apart for her new calling at a beautiful ceremony last Sunday evening. Congratulations Alyse and good luck. She'll be busy! Since we are all in withdrawal from Hawaii we decided to share some more pictures of our wonderful vacation. They didn't upload in order so they're all mixed up but that's ok. Below is a picture of Alyse and Annie while we were Whale Watching. Kim is in the background.

Annie on Easter Sunday.

Alyse on Easter Sunday.
Linda walking on the beach the evening of Easter Sunday.

Alyse and Annie snorkeling.

We all loved the beach!

You couldn't keep Alyse out of the water!

Annie preferred laying out working on her tan, and boy she got a good one!

My favorite beach, we had so much fun!

Waikiki beach with Diamond Head in the background.

This beautiful sunset was taken from our condo on Maui.

Alyse at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

This sunset was on Waikiki Beach on Oahu.

The pig for our Luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center.
The LDS Visitors Center by the Temple in Laie.

Kim and I at the Visitors Center. Funny guy.
Alyse and Annie at the Polynesian Cultural Center with a stack of coconut shells behind them.

Annie at the Polynesian Center.

The climbers who climbed the coconut trees in the village of Samoa in the Polynesian Cultural Center.

We loved our trip! Alyse is sure she needs to live in Hawaii for a while now. I wouldn't mind joining her!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter in Hawaii

We just got back from a dream vacation in Hawaii! We'd been before but the last time was 13 and 1/2 years ago. It was a trip I'd been looking forward to ever since we got home from our mission almost 4 years ago so I was pretty excited to go! The pictures are backwards so you'll see the end of the trip first. This will be a long blog but I promise its only a few of our pictures. Below Kim and I are standing in front of one of Maui's Banyan Trees in the quaint seaport town of Lahaina on the last day of our trip.Below is Alyse and Annie in front of Lahaina's harbor.
Whale watching, it was so fun we saw 3 whales.

This picture does not do justice to the whales. They did lots of turns and dives for us. The baby kept swimming on his back and it was a riot!

In Hawaii if you are not married you wear the flower on the right side, if you are married you wear it on the left.

Annie and Alyse at my favorite beach on Maui, Kapalua bay. The snorkeling was incredible!

This was the beach outside our condo. We had a beautiful view!

Wailea beach, The snorkeling was good here too.

Easter Sunday we couldn't do water activities but we did take a long walk on the beach.

In our Easter outfits. Mine is the one I got from Coldwater Creek on my shopping spree.

Annie, Alyse, and me.When you've had enough of the beach there is always the pool.

We transform into snorkel monsters.

The best Luau ever at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Were on Oahu now.

Outside at the Polynesian Center.

The canoe show.

The canoe ride through the villages,

The whole family, ha ha.

The LDS Temple in Laie.

The beach at Hanauma Bay.

Snorkel Monsters.

The beach at the bay.

Hanauma Bay. Sadly it poured after being here about an hour and 1/2 so we had to cut our visit short.

Pearl Harbor. The USS Bowfin submarine. It was pretty interesting. We decided none of us could live on a submarine.

A battle ship.

The anchor off the Arizona.


The beach at Waikiki.

Our favorite things about Hawaii- The Polynesian Cultural Center, the beach and snorkeling, forAnnie sun bathing, for Alyse being in the water, the beautiful sunsets, seeing whales, shopping, it does rain a lot but there is no snow, being there together, ok we loved everything!