The Fisher Family

Monday, December 7, 2015

November 2015

November went by way too fast!  I can't believe Dec. is here already!! The first week in November I got to tend the little cutie below for the whole week.  We had lots of fun together. 
We celebrated Thanksgiving the Sunday before Thanksgiving with all the family.  We got family pictures taken for our Christmas card.  Below are a couple of them.
After the picture taking we feasted!  Annie's three roommates joined with us to celebrate.
It was a wonderful day and I enjoyed the time with the family so much!  The following weekend April, Annie and I visited the Elves at Gardener Village.  It was freezing but fun!
My oldest grandson had a sledding accident and ended up with a nasty broken leg.  We are all praying that he makes a full recovery!  Warren and Weston loved visiting him in the hospital!
November has come and gone and now we are in the mist of celebrating the Christmas Season!  Time just flies!

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Temple, Warren's Baptism, Halloween and Other Fun:)

Below is a then and now picture.  It was a sweet day when our little Annie was sealed to us in the Temple back in 1994 and all of our kids were in the Temple with us!
It was an even sweeter day to be in the Temple with all our kids grown up on Oct.17, 2015.  Kim had his parents sealed to each other and then he was sealed to them.  Then we all did a session together.  It was the first time since 1994 that we had all been in the Temple together! Sweet sweet day!
All of us with our kids spouses.
I had fun supporting Mr. H at his last football game of the season!  Love him!
We went out for our annual visit to the witches at Gardner Village and that was fun!  Below is me with 3 of my little spooks.
April and I
April and her girls.
I got to attend this little Snow Whites preschool Halloween party and that was fun:)
Snack time
Me with my cutie.
The kids sang and dance for their parents and grandparents.
At the end they were given bags to trick or treat with in the school.
Mom took Kaitlyn trick or treating.
Halloween was such a special day for Warren and our family.  He was baptized a member of our church by his father.
Kim and I with our happy energetic little grandson.
Handsome Warren
After the baptism and confirmation we went to clubhouse in our son's neighborhood for lunch and visiting.  Below is Jarom and Alyse with Warren.
Joel and Warren.
Emma, Warren, and Annie
Mckay and Warren.  Even though there is a difference in age these two cousins are best buds!
In the evening I made it over to wish my oldest grandkids a happy Halloween and bring them a treat! I missed Mr. H. because he was at work.
Andy brought his kids over to trick or treat and it was fun to see them in their costumes!
I love the little bat, the boxer and Captain America!
Super girl with the princesses. Merida, Snow White, and Belle.
Grandma with the princesses.
Jarom and  Alyse the gypsy.
Annie as Snow White.
Snow White and her mother.
The little Snow White and the big Snow White.
Our fun neighborhood barbecue
Some of my spooks having Halloween dinner.
These pictures are random but Annie took them of cute Kaitie so I thought I'd share them.
October was a good month for us!  I can't believe its over and we are into Nov. now!  Autumn is flying by!