The Fisher Family

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bridals, Birthdays, Sports

Alyse had her bridal pictures taken and while we were waiting for the photographer and videographer we played around with the camera a little bit.
At family dinner last Sunday we celebrated our Sept. birthdays for two of my favorite people. We had a fun party.
Two of my grandsons are back to playing football and I have enjoyed watching them play!
Warren is back to playing soccer and I love watching him play.  He has so much energy. Every time he makes a goal (he makes quite a few of them) he runs out and does a cartwheel or some other fun expression of showing how happy he is to have made that goal.
While Warren is busy playing Weston is busy playing on the playground or...
kicking the ball along the sidelines.  He sneaks on the field every chance he gets.
He likes to sneak drinks from Warrens water bottle when he can.  I don't know which one of them is more fun to watch.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Alyse's Engagement Pictures

Alyse and Jarom had their engagement pictures taken.  The photographer took 100 of them and we have narrowed it down to these 16 pictures to go on her wedding invitations.  I think she could put up to 3 of them on if she chooses to.  If you have an opinion tell us which ones you like.  Thanks:)
Number one
number 2
number 3
number 4
number 5
number 6
number 7
number 8
number 9
number 10
number 11
number 13
number 14
number 15
                                                 number 16

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jackson Hole 2012 and First Day of School

We just got back from a trip up in the Jackson Hole area.  Despite dead car batteries, lots of rain, and locking keys in a car that we ended up having to have a locksmith get out for us we still had so much fun!  My favorite things about Jackson Hole.  Getting our old time photo taken.  (it is pictured below),eating at Bubba's, eating salted caramel ice cream,  seeing my family have fun, and the sweet testimony meeting we attended at church Sunday morning.
Taking pictures with all the bears we could find.
Annie was so excited to get a One Direction T shirt.  Poor Annie forgot to bring a dress for Sunday so we ended up buying her a new one.  We all felt so sorry for her.
Taking pictures by the big Elk.
Taking pictures by cowboys.
Getting a picture by the antler arch.
Good ice cream!
Favorite things at the campground were our hike to Granite Falls.  It is beautiful!
The beautiful rivers!
The beautiful scenery!
Throwing rocks in the river.
Sitting around the campfire.
We cooked the best hot dogs and marshmallows and made really good smores!
Grandpa was a good hot dog cooker and grandma made the most perfect marshmallows!
Grandpa gave fast, fun rides in the stroller.
We had a ball swimming in the hot springs.  It felt so good!
The  trip went by way too fast and we hated to leave, but then after we got home we were glad to be home.  Eliza started Kindergarten this week.  None of us can believe she is big enough to be in real school! 
Brianna started Preschool this week.  She looked so cute in her butterfly shirt and hair clips.  My big girls are back in school too but they told me they are too old for first day of school pictures. On the other hand my granddaughters were so excited for them!
Eliza and Brianna started their ballet classes this week too.  It's been a fun busy week!