The Fisher Family

Monday, October 29, 2012

Shower # One and More Halloween Fun

We had a busy but fun weekend!  On Saturday Alyse had her first bridal shower.  It was a luncheon with some fun games and prizes.  Alyse got some really nice gifts and we all enjoyed the time together.  A big thank you to my sweet sisters and their daughters for giving Alyse the shower! Below is me with my girls. 
Annie and April had fun tying the ribbons and bows from the gifts in Alyse's hair.
Alyse with her bows. The tradition is that her fiancee gets to kiss them out. 
I feel bad I didn't start taking pictures until the end because we missed some of the people that were there.  The picture below is of Alyse with some of her friends that came.
My sisters and their daughters who gave the shower.
Caught a few pictures of those that were there.
Alyse with Jarom.  He enjoyed kissing out the bows!
Me with the bride to be.
These are the left overs.  I feel bad I didn't get a picture of the food at the beginning because it was amazing. We had a fun fun time!  Once again big thank you to those who gave the shower and those who came and supported Alyse.
Friday afternoon the ballet studio where Eliza and Brianna take ballet gave a fun Halloween party for all the patrons.  Below is April with Kaitlyn in front of one of the bounce castles.
Brianna had fun bouncing!
So did Eliza.
There were rocking horses to ride and slides to go down.
There was face painting.  Eliza got a rainbow, Kaitlyn got a pumpkin on her hand, and Brianna got a kitty face.
They got to string beads and make necklaces.
They bowled, tossed bean bags and pinned the nose on the Jack O Lantern.
Then they got to have a treat.  It was a 
lot of fun.
Then it was off to our local Rec Center for another Halloween party.  More games and a fun reptile show.
Eliza love petting the reptiles including a couple of big creepy snakes.
Saturday night after the shower Annie had friends over to carve pumpkins.  Alyse and Jarom joined them and they all had a fun time.
Below are two of the finished results.  Annie did a tradition jack o lantern.
Alyse got more creative and made a cat.
Happy Halloween Everyone!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Fun!!

Annie, Alyse, and I had our annual excursion to see the witches at Gardner Village.  Annie was being camera shy and insisted on taking the pictures rather than being in them.  We didn't choose a very good day weather wise to go.  Things have been busy so we had to go when we could.  Even though it was chilly out we had a fun time.  Below we are with some of our favorite witches.
The two little witches below and the one pumpkin had a fun time at a Halloween party last night that the Young Men and Young Women put on for all the primary age kids in our area.
Alyse helped the girls decorate their bags.
Cute little Kaitlyn was kind of scared by all the costumes but I got a smile out of her.
The bean bag toss.
Going fishing:)
Yum! Decorating pumpkin shaped sugar cookies.
We all had a fun time at the party.  A big thanks to all that helped with it:)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Birthday X 5, Girls Night Out, Alyse and Jarom

October is our biggest birthday month in our family.  We now have five of them to celebrate.  Some of my kids say no one else is allowed to have an October birthday.  Anyway we ended up celebrating all of them at our family dinner on Sunday.  It was a bit like Christmas (So many presents) and a little chaotic, but really fun! Below are our birthday boys and our one little lady. Happy Birthday everyone!
The whole family:)
Me with my birthday sweethearts
The birthday kids.
Alyse with her birthday sweetheart.
Every Priesthood session of conference me and my daughters and sometimes granddaughters go out to dinner and sometimes other activities.  This year I got to have dinner with all my daughters and one of my granddaughters.  We had  such a fun time together!   
Below our a few shots of Alyse and Jarom that we may put on their wedding video. The Autumn leaves are so pretty right now!