The Fisher Family

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas day! The family gathered together for breakfast, opening presents, visiting and then lunch. My favorite things about the day was TALKING TO ALYSE on the phone, being with family, enjoying good food, and helping Annie with a talk she was giving in church the next morning. The subject- Jesus Christ and the wonderful gift he has given us. It was a fitting way to spend a Christmas afternoon.

The perfect picture of the grandkids still eludes me. Warren just was not in the mood for a picture. Oh well I'll try again.

Christmas Eve. Not all but most of the family was able to gather for our traditional meal of pizza benders at lunch time. We did some visiting and I baked some Christmas cookies with three of my granddaughters. Then Kim and I did something that we haven't done since the Christmas we were dating. We went to a movie all by our selves. It seemed strange since we usually have the family with us for our Christmas Eve movie. It seemed more like one of our Friday night dates. In the evening Annie helped me finish wrapping gifts we drove around and looked at Christmas lights and watched a Christmas video.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Festivities

This morning was busy with fun things. First I met my siblings for our Christmas breakfast where we exchange our gifts. Annie attended with me. Then it was up the canyon to Camp Tracy for our ward party. Some of our married kids and grand kids joined us for that and we had such a good time.

Three of my granddaughters enjoyed decorating gingerbread men at it.

Then they enjoyed eating them.
Santa was there although not everyone was excited to see him. Maybe next year Brianna will chill out when it comes to Santa.

Me with my siblings and in laws at our breakfast. So sorry my sister Marilyn was sick and couldn't join us and we always miss Carol who lives in Colorado.
Earlier in the week I attended Mr. H's Christmas band concert. He did such a good job.

Miss E was in the audience and kept waving at me and her parents.

I just had to include this picture of little Weston who looked so cute in his new outfit when I tended him this week.

Happy Holidays everyone!