The Fisher Family

Friday, June 24, 2016

Family Reunion and Fathers Day 2016

We had such a fun family reunion this past week.  A big thanks to my sister Jan for all her hard work.  She made it fun for everyone!  Below is April with Brianna and Kaitlyn.
Cute little Ruby.
Ruby with her parents.
Alyse and Jarom
Me with my sisters
sibling love
Kim, Diane and Bill
Eliza with Marilee's youngest daughter.  In the back ground is Kathy Ken's wife, Ashley Marilee's oldest and Marilees son.
Annie, Marilyn, Jenn and Emma
Matt and Mindy
Kathy, Jannalyn, Bill's oldest son, Ashley, Ron Marilee's husband, Two of Ken and Kathy's daughters
Our family.  We were missing two grandsons and a son in law that were working,
Our family being silly making faces.
The pinata was the hit of the reunion!  All the kids had so much fun hitting it and the adults had so much fun watching the kids have fun!
After the reunion all our kids came to our house and we all made strawberry jam together.  Everyone got to take some home and we had fun working together.
We had a fun Fathers Day.  Kim got spoiled and all the kids and grandkids came to visit.Below is Kim with Aprils girls.
Kim with Alyse and April.
Kim with Andy's kids.
Andy and Kim.
Kim with Jenn's kids.
Annie, Kim and Jenny.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Birthdays and Summer Fun 2016

These two cuties are earning going to see the Ninja Turtle movie by doing jobs and having good behavior. They can't wait to see it!
I've tended a lot lately and these cousins always have fun together!
Six of my little sweethearts having a fun water day at Grandma's house. 
We were late getting down to Utah county to visit the graves this year but I had a really fun day with three of my daughters and my oldest granddaughter when we went. We had lots of laughing, teasing, and giggling, but also got to tell stories of their great grandparents and for my granddaughter her great great grandparents. After we got lunch together. It was such a special day!  
My granddaughter in front of her great great grandmothers house who she is named for.

Cute Kaitlyn got to perform as a little sleeping beauty in the ballet IN A PRINCESS GARDEN.  She did such a good job!
Grandma and Kaitlyn.
Some of the family who attended.  Missing in the picture are Annie, Jenn and Joel, and Grandpa.
Kaitlyn and her mom.
Kaitlyn with Grandpa.
These three sisters have had fun at the splash pad park on hot summer days,
We celebrated Jenn and Joels birthdays with the family at a fun birthday party dinner.  Below is Joel with the creative cake Jenn made him out of watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries.
Jenn and Joel with their birthday cake and pie.
The whole family celebrating with them.  We started out outside but got rained on and ended up inside. It was still a fun party.  It was held on mine and Kim's 44th wedding anniversary.