The Fisher Family

Sunday, May 23, 2010


May has been a busy month. I have been tending the sweethearts below a lot. The little ones not the big one.

I love it when they are so happy to see each other.

I even watched these three a few times.

Miss E was a Munchkin in the ballet of The Wizard of Oz and she did such a great job!
Some of the family pictured with Miss E and all her flowers after the performance.
I also attended her 2nd grade program. She was Rapunzel's mother and also the prince in the fairy tale Rapunzel. Here she is as the mother.
And here she is as the prince. The whole program was spoken in Spanish!
We attended Annie's last two day club volleyball tournament.

We have been buying lots of flowers and trying to get them planted. If it would warm up and stop raining it would be easier to get done. May is almost over and school is almost out. Wow its gone fast!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Four Days of Mothers Day.

You have all heard of the twelve days of Christmas, well this Mothers Day I was given the four days of Mothers Day by my two youngest daughters. It started last Thursday afternoon when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door there on the doorstep was a dozen red roses, a giant Mothers day balloon, and a box of pastries from one of my favorite bakeries. I was so surprised! Alyse and Annie told me it was the first day of Mothers Day and I could expect more surprises each day. On the second day of Mothers Day I was given a dozen sugar cookies from another of my favorite bakeries. These cookies are so good they are called butter dream cookies. While I was eating one of them or should I say letting it melt in my mouth I asked my girls if it was their intention that I should gain ten pounds before Mothers Day. I froze half of them and shared the rest. They are extremely yummy.

On the third day of Mothers Day the girls surprised me with a slice of my favorite pizza for lunch along with a cold buster because I had a cold (probably due to my extra sugar intake that lowered my immune system) They also gave me a box of hand dipped chocolates.

On Mothers Day Annie brought me breakfast in bed. At church the Moms were given more chocolate and the Dads covered all their wives callings so that all the ladies in the ward could attend Relief Society together. One of the Dads taught the lesson for us and we were given another treat to eat during the lesson. We were very pampered. Later in the day all my kids came for dinner and I did not have to make it. Thanks kids. I was given some wonderful, thoughtful gifts. Thanks everyone. Below I am pictured with all my loot.The greatest gifts my married kids have given me are these sweethearts. I am always trying to get a good picture with them. Everyones eyes were opened in this one and no one was crying.
A big thank you to these two cuties for my four days of Mothers day! It made my week and made me feel very loved and appreciated!
Me and my favorite Dad.