The Fisher Family

Friday, January 28, 2011

Growing Growing!

These two little cuties are growing up so fast! This picture was taken as Weston was approaching 5 months and Kaitlyn approaching 3 months. Warren never wants to be left out of showing how big he is getting too.
I love these three so much as well as the rest of my grandkids! They are some of my greatest blessings! They do grow up too fast though.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Okay I hate doing these but my friend Bonnie tagged me so here goes.

1. IF YOU HAVE PETS DO YOU SEE THEM AS MERELY ANIMALS OR MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY? We do not have any pets right now but have in the past. They have been pets not members of the family. 2. IF YOU CAN HAVE A DREAM COME TRUE WHAT WOULD IT BE? I would go on a Hawaiian vacation with my whole family, grand kids and all. 3. WHAT IS ONE THING MOST HATED BY YOU? That would be spiders. 4.WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH A BILLION DOLLARS? Donate half of it to the church. Take the Hawaiian vacation with my family, travel, set up college funds for my grand kids, try to do good with it. 5. WHAT HELPS TO PULL YOU OUT OF A BAD MOOD? My grand kids do, and counting all my blessings. Actually writing them down. It helps me feel grateful and when I feel grateful I cannot be in a bad mood. 6.WHICH IS MORE BLESSED, LOVING SOMEONE OR BEING LOVED BY SOMEONE? I would have to say loving someone. 7. WHAT IS YOUR BEDTIME ROUTINE? Usually falling asleep while watching the news, then taking out my contacts, brushing my teeth, putting on pajamas, saying my prayers, and crawling into bed. 8. IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY IN A RELATIONSHIP HOW DID YOU MEET? I met my husband in the library at the Uof U. He walked by the table I was studying at and came back and asked me if I was Mike Painters friend. He was a boy I had broken up with about 2 weeks earlier. My husband then told me he had met me a year earlier in the returned missionary fraternity house. I had been there helping Mike with his pledge duty of doing the dishes. There were a whole bunch of guys there and Mike had gone around and introduced me to all of them. I remembered the incident but not my husband who had been one of the guys. (there had been too many guys there). Anyway back to the library. We ended up talking for 2 hours. Then my husband asked me out. I actually turned him down the first time, but he called me the next day and tried again and I was available then so we began to date. 9. IF YOU COULD WATCH A CREATIVE PERSON IN THE ACT OF THE CREATIVE PROCESS WHO WOULD IT BE? I honestly don't have a clue! 10. WHAT KINDS OF BOOKS DO YOU READ? I love reading and am open for about anything but my favorites are mysteries and if you throw in a dash of romance even better. Right now I am reading THE LOST PAINTING by Jonathan Harr. 11. HOW WOULD YOU SEE YOURSELF IN TEN YEARS? Hopefully all my children happily married and out of the home. I would love to be surrounded by family often, and I would still want to be the best babysitter in town. Maybe by then I will have stopped coloring my hair and be gray. 12. WHAT IS YOUR FEAR? I like to have faith not fear. I do have one fear right now but it is personal and I'm not willing to share it. I am still exercising my faith concerning it to keep the fear I have at bay. 13. WOULD YOU GIVE UP ALL JUNK FOOD FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO VISIT OUTER SPACE? There is no way way I would give up junk food for outer space! 14. WOULD YOU RATHER BE SINGLE AND RICH OR MARRIED BUT POOR? I would rather be happily married but poor. If it can't be a happy marriage then I would rather be single. 15. WHAT'S THE FIRST HING YOU DO WHEN YOU WAKE UP? The very first thing I do is use the little girls room. Next I make my husbands lunch and then we have family scripture reading and prayer. Following that I exercise. 16. IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT YOUR SPOUSE WHAT WOULD IT BE? Years ago there were things I would have changed but these days there is honestly nothing I would change! 17. IF YOU COULD PICK A NEW NAME FOR YOURSELF WHAT WOULD IT BE? I love all my names! Linda, Mom, Grandma! 18. WOULD YOU FORGIVE AND FORGET NO MATTER HOW HORRIBLE A THING THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE HAS DONE? I believe I could forgive almost anything. Forgetting is harder for me though but I hope I could do it. 19. IF YOU COULD ONLY EAT ONE THING FOR THE NEXT SIX MONTHS WHAT WOULD IT BE? I would like to say it would be chocolate chip cookies and brownies but I'm afraid if that's all I ate I would have a stroke or heart attack so I would probably stick with whole wheat bread with peanut butter and honey or jam. 20. WHO ARE YOU GOING TO TAG? Sorry Jenn and Annie but I guess its you. I just have to include this picture of my Christmas cactus. It was a start from my mothers. All of my sisters have one too. Anyway normally it blooms every Dec. but this year it bloomed in July and was blooming on my birthday. I thought that was kind of special and I figured that was its bloom for the year. Come Christmas it bloomed again for me. So It bloomed twice this year. On my birthday and at Christmas. I thought that was pretty cool!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Being Honored, Pictures From Alyse

Alyse finally sent pictures so I am posting a few of them. I will put more on her missionary blog. Below is her and her companion on Christmas morning just before opening their presents. Burr some days are really cold and snowy and other days are up to 60 degrees.

Alyse with some of the other sisters.
Alyse, her companion, a General Authority, her mission president and wife and more sisters.
The famous missionary pose.
Her district at the MTC.
Roommates and companions at the MTC.
Alyse with our Bishops son at the MTC. It was fun for her to see a familiar face.
Annie was honored the other night in our area for her musical composition for the Reflections contest. She won the spot for the Senior High School. Congrats Annie! Now its on to region.

This week is April's birthday and she is the last of my children that I have now spotlighted through the years. So here she is.

We celebrated her birthday with the family at our Sunday dinner. It was a fun party. Happy Birthday April. We all love you!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Birthday And A Blessing

Today cute little Kaitlyn Rose was given a name and a blessing at church. She looked so cute just like a little princess. It was a sweet special day.

I was able to get some photos of some of the people that attended.

Annie celebrated birthday number 18 this past week. I cannot believe that my baby is now legally an adult. So this is in honor of Annie. I give you Annie through the years.

On her birthday I took Annie to lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Yum!

That evening we had a birthday party for her with those of us at our house.

Last Sunday the day after Christmas at the end of our 4th annual progressive dinner we had a birthday party for her with all the family. Happy Birthday Annie we wish you a wonderful year.