The Fisher Family

Monday, February 27, 2012

Cousin Love and Soccer

Warren is back to playing indoor soccer. We were able to attend his game on Sat. and enjoyed watching him play! He is a good little player. Below he gives his cousin Kaitlyn a hug at half time.

Westi and Kaitie had their own little soccer game going on, on the sidelines. They were so cute!

Warren made 3 or 4 goals I lost count. Good job!
The two below love each other so much they are always excited to see each other and give each other a hug and kiss. They are so fun to watch.

They bring a lot of joy to my life!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines and # 5

As hard as it is to believe this little cutie has just turned 5 years old. She had her first friend birthday party at the Rec Center. (I thought I was done giving birthday parties after Annie's surprise sweet sixteen. But with granddaughters living in the home I guess I'm starting over.)Below is Eliza with her birthday cupcakes. Below are Eliza with some of her friends from preschool and church.

After pizza and cupcakes, and opening presents it was time to swim! Everyone had such a good time we couldn't get them out of the pool when it was time to go home.

Below and above are two of Eliza's cousins.

Here's the birthday girl.

April with one of Eliza's little sisters.

On Eliza's real birthday we had a little family party for her. Fun fun.

At Preschool they celebrated her birthday too!

Last Sunday all the family came to celebrate Eliza's birthday.

Happy birthday Eliza we all wish you a happy year!

Eliza had fun at her preschool Valentines party.

Brianna had fun at hers too. One of the things she made were the awesome heart glasses she is wearing.

On Valentines Annie surprised us all with yummy heart shaped sugar cookies from Normandy. They were delicious! Thanks Annie!

My sweetheart took all the girls at our house to an early dinner. When we got home we found six single roses three red and three pink leading up to our front porch where a big bouquet of flowers were waiting. At first we thought they were from Kim...

but it turned out they were from Alyse's boyfriend. He gave a single rose to all the girls and the bouquet was for Alyse.

Alyse and Annie's visiting teacher came by and brought them both a sweet treat of chocolate covered strawberries with a fun dipping sauce. They shared and it was yummy!

I dropped by to give out valentines to all my grandchildren.

When I gave cute Warren his for him and his little brother who was sleeping, he wanted to give me a valentine too. He looked in his bag from preschool and gave me a colorful pencil. I thought that was so cute of him!

These two below had had fun Valentine parties at school and were happy to get another Valentine from there grandma.

Even teenagers like getting Valentines.

We all liked getting Valentines!

Below is April and her little girls with the sock monkeys she got them.

Happy Valentines everyone!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hawaii 2012

We have just returned from a wonderful eight day trip to the beautiful garden Island of Kauai. Our kind, very generous neighbors provided us with another trip this year back to their beautiful condo on Kauai. Below is us arriving at the airport. We were greeted with shell leis. Don't we look happy! Our first whole day there we did some sight seeing. Behind us is one of Kauai's beautiful water falls.

A closer look.

Above is us with our friends and another couple they had invited. It was fun to meet them and now they are our friends too. We are standing in front of an old cute church near the bird refuge and light house. Below is Kim in front of the light house.

Below is me on the linai of the St. Regis Hotel overlooking the beautiful Hanalei Bay.

Another cute church. Below is Kim and I overlooking a terro field. They make poi from terro.

All of us.

I had never hit a golf ball in my life until this trip. Now I have done that although I don't think I'm very good at it. It was still fun.

Kim on the other hand used to play a lot when he was younger and it all came back to him.

Kim and I on the beautiful Condo grounds.

At the beach. I luv, luv, luv the beach. There was some great snorkeling at this one.Kim and some of our friends also tried the standing paddle boards. Kim was a natural and did so good. He loved it.

Every morning I would get up at first light and go for a walk along the beach. It is so peaceful when no one else is on the beach. There was a little shop across the street that sold cinnamon rolls. It became my morning routine to go for a walk, then get a cinnamon roll and eat it on the beach.

I also love the ocean. This is a hike we took at Mahalapu.

A little frog.

We had a bonfire at the beach at sunset. So fun!

More hiking.

Below is Shipwreck Beach.

One of the many beautiful sunsets.

The wild chickens were everywhere. As well as their little broods.

breakfast at the beach.

Dinner by the beach.

Got this beautiful rainbow on one of my morning walks.

The beach at Kalipaki.

We went canoe surfing and it was so fun!!!

Kim had to do more stand up paddle boarding.

We saw many whales, sea turtles, exotic fish, crabs, frogs, chickens, and one eel. It was hard to come home to real life.