The Fisher Family

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pictures from South Africa

Below is Mckay with his district at the MTC in Johannesburg. He is second from the left.
Mckay over looking Capetown.
Mckay and his companion on a P day.  They hiked Table Mountain which over looks Cape Town.
This missionary with Mckay attended Olympus High School and played football for Olympus just like Mckay did, but he was a Senior when Mckay was a Sophomore so Mckay didn't know him until he met him in South Africa.  He joked and said he had to travel around the world to meet someone who lived just up the street. 
Some of the missionaries on a P Day getting some desert.
Mckay and his companion with a woman they are teaching.  I think she was sick so that's why they are wearing the face masks.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

October Birthdays and Other Fun:) 2016

Jenn sent me a few of Mckay's professional missionary photos.  These are a few of my favorites.
I had fun at Warren's flag football game.  He is an awesome little player.  It was a little windy though:)
Cute Ruby watching her brother play. Weston and Kaitlyn are photo bombing in the background.
Our little football player.
We had a fun family party where we celebrated all our Oct. birthdays.  Below is Warren with his cake.
Me with my little buddy.
Miss Kaitlyn with her cake.
Me and Kaitie.
Kim and I with his pumpkin pie rather than a birthday cake.
Jarom and Alyse with his cake that Alyse made him.
A little picture of Mckay with his cake.  He is gone but not forgotten.
Kaitlyn with her family.
Warren with his family.
The birthday people.
All who were there to celebrate with us.  Miss Annie chose to be the photographer.
It was  a fun party:)