The Fisher Family

Monday, September 14, 2015

School starts and September Birthdays:)

A couple of weeks ago we had a fun Family Night up at Silver Lake.  We had a picnic then hiked around the lake.
we saw several moose that were out feeding.
Brianna on the first day of school
Eliza on the first day of school
Annie on her first day of school
I love spending time with these cuties!
My oldest grandsons football banner that is on display on a lamppost.
Me and several of my daughters Attended Miss E's last dance concert.
Eliza went to a fun activities day back to school party.
I hosted a birthday party for cute Brianna.
It had a carnival theme so her mom dressed up like a clown.
We played lots of games, did some relay races, and had pizza and cup cakes.
opening presents:)
At our Sunday family dinner we celebrated our Sept. birthdays.
The two birthday kids together.
Me with them.
The whole family celebrating with them.  We missed Andrew's family who were at Lake Powell.  It was a fun party!!!