The Fisher Family

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October Birthdays

We have three family members with Oct. birthdays. Mckay celebrated his the beginning of the month on Oct. 4. Kim celebrated his the middle of the month on Oct. 17. And little Warren turns one year old the end of the month on Oct. 30. He has the same birthday his great grandpa Fisher had. So we just party the month of Oct. and then we get to celebrate Halloween!

The family celebrating Kim's birthday with him.

Warren celebrating his one year old birthday with the family. Isn't he cute! Can't believe he is one year old!

Celebrating Warren turning one year. I think he would have liked to get his hands on the cake. He did get to eat some of it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Week with Warren!!

This past week we have had my grandson Warren staying with us while his luckly parents got to go to California for 5 days. Besides hanging out with Grandma, Grandpa, Alyse and Annie, Warren got to go to Annie's Volleyball game last Tues. against East High School (of High School Musical fame) he clapped his hands and cheered so hard we are sure it helped Olympus just cream East. Leaving Annie's team still undefeated. Then Wed. he got to go with us to his cousin Hunter's 1st swim meet. Once again he clapped his hands and cheered and good swimmer Hunter who was swimming in 3 races took 2nd place in 2 of them! Way to go Hunter! Later that night Warren got to go to a Halloween party at the church along with cousins Eliza, Mckay, Hunter, and Emma and Aunt Alyse, Annie and Grandma. He looked so cute in the cow costume we dressed him in. Eliza made a cute monkey and Mckay and Hunter made for some scary Star Wars characters. Emma was a beautiful Princess Ariel. The cousins had fun hanging out together and doing the fun activites at the party. Yesterday afternoon I said goodby to Warren as Aunt Alyse drove him to the Airport to pick up his parents and I headed off to Annie's game against Murray. We're thinking that if Warren had been there to cheer for them again they would have won. But he wasn't. First game of the match Olympus 23, Murray 25. 2nd game Olympus 25, Murry 14. Last game Olympus 16, Murray17. Our district doesn't play past 17 on the last game. There were some sad teary eyed girls on Olympus's team. But having 12 wins and 1 loss isn't too bad. Only 2 games left. Good luck with them Annie. We will miss having you Warren but we will be grateful to get some sleep again.

Mckay, Hunter, and Emma at the Halloween
Some of my little spooks.
Eliza, Grandma, and Warren. Warren and Eliza.
More of my spooks.
Warren, Alyse, and Annie at the game against East.
Annie and teammates Dallas and Dannie. One of Annie's awesome serves.
Warren and Grandma cheering for Annie.
Awesome swimmer Hunter!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No longer a Pledge/Team Dinner

This past week all the Pledges in Alyse's LDS sorority were made Active members. The girls fasted that day. Thoughts and testemonies were shared at the meeting followed by a ceremony and dinner. Here is Alyse with her official membership certificate and the Lamba Delta Sigma jewelery she was given. They have had some fun activities- exchanges with the boys faternities, a barn dance, service projects and this weekend they are going to a haunted village. Have fun Alyse! This past Tuesday I was in charge of the team dinner for Annies Volleyball team. She has some really nice girls on her team. They were all very very appreciative for the meal and thanked me over and over again. Her Sophomore team is still undefeated although Tuesdays game was quite close and it made for an exciting game but they pulled it off again! Congrats Annie keep it up!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

St. George Marathon and Mckay's B-Day

Last weekend we went to St. George to support our daughter Jennifer who was running in the marathon there. So for the 1st year we did not hold our missionary reunion. As we hiked for 15 minutes up hill in the rain and cold to get to where you could see the runners come by I felt like I was participating in the marathon myself. (Am I that out of shape?)Then as we stood in the rain and cold for another hour and 15 minutes before Jenny came by I was asking myself what I was doing there. At one point Kim even felt like we should leave because we were soaked to the bone and he thought we would all be sick. (We were not prepared for the rain!) Then I remembered why we were there. We love our daughter and sister and we were there for her, and she had been out in the cold and rain a lot longer than we had been. There was a group of girls next to us who were great cheerleaders- cheering for everyone who came by and constantly singing "You Are the Champions". It was infecious and soon I was cheering for everyone too! (And as the runners ran by they cheered for us being there to cheer them on!) I don't understand the kind of nut that would subject themselves to a marathon but there were a lot of them. 7000 of them. And the crazy thing is after being there Kim says he wants to run it next year with Jennifer. So I have a couple of nuts in my family, and I want to be there again to cheer them on. It was my grandson Mckay's birthday and he was such a good sport standing out in the rain to support his mom on his birthday. That night we all (including the many inlaws of my daughter that were there) celebrated Mckays 11th birthday. Monday night for famiy night we celebrated it again with all our family. So Happy Birthday Mckay and Good Job Jennifer! We are proud of you! (We might have to hold our missionary reunions in the Spring.) Hunter sitting in the rain telling the runners to run faster!
The spectators-Kim, Annie ,Alyse ,Jenn's nephew River,Mckay,and Joel
Awesome Jennifer
Jennifer and her coach/friend Janice
Luckily we had a plastic bag in the car so I didn't have to get my hair wet.
Kim and Alyse.
Birthday boy Mckay and Annie.

Birthday party for Mckay with the family. In the group picture he is wearing our famous Birthday Hat.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gardner Village and babies

We were tending my grandson Warren today and since it was such a beautiful day Alyse and I decided it would be a great idea to take him to Gardner Village to see the witches they put up each October. Since we were taking him we decided we might as well take his cousin Eliza also and give April a couple of hours alone with her new baby. Warren loved it! {so we hope his parents don't mind that we did this without asking them} Eliza would have enjoyed it too but she slept through most of it. She did wake up just as we were leaving so she got to see some of the witches too. When we got back to Eliza's house little Brianna was awake and so bright eyed we just had to get pictues of all of them.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fabulous Flordia- Then back to reality

Jill and I infront of Caseys's Corner. Where I use to work. Me at the Boardwalk.
Jill, me, JenMe and Johnny

I (Alyse) had a fabulous time in Flordia. I went to all the parks, stayed up way too late. Ate amazing food. Saw good close friends. And I am now back to school, homework, and work. Vacationing was much more fun.
An update from my mom- Annie's volleyball team is still undefeated, and Brianna is one ounce away from being six pounds.