The Fisher Family

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Midnight 5K 2013 ( I Won Third Place!!!)

We had such a fun Memorial Day weekend.  Thursday night Annie and I took flowers to my parents graves and to Kim's parents graves.  The cemetery was starting to look beautiful with flowers already. 
Then Friday we headed down to St. George where Friday night me, Kim, April, Alyse, and Jarom all ran the Midnight 5K.  Annie chose not to run this year and was kind enough to watch April's two youngest while the rest of us participated in the race.  Eliza, April's oldest insisted on going with us.  We all had fun taking pictures of us in our glow in the dark bracelets and neck rings before the race.

I am really proud to say that I beat my time of two years ago by four minutes and my time last year while I was pushing a stroller by six minutes.  I am really proud that I took 3RD place in my age division and earned the cool glow in the dark metal that I am showing in the picture below.  I also won a free smoothie that I enjoyed on Saturday.  My son in law Jarom also won a third place metal in his age division so our family made a pretty good showing.  
A funny story during the race was that Eliza wanted to try and run the race instead of be pushed in the stroller.  So cute Alyse ran with her for about a mile when Eliza dramatically stopped held her side and said Alyse I just can't go any farther you go on with out me and win the race.  (She's six)  Alyse said I'm not going anywhere without you.  Hop in the stroller and I'll push you.

9  Anyway we all had a fun night!
Saturday we enjoyed taking rides in the golf cart and doing some bike riding.
We also had fun with April's girl's blowing bubbles.  It entertains them for a long time.
We took the girls to see the movie Epic and we all enjoyed it.  We had a nice dinner Sat. night at Olive Garden.  A big thanks to Annie who treated us.  Then before it got dark Kim and Annie rode their bikes down Snow Canyon.  We had a great weekend and I had so much fun winning my metal.  It made my day, I can hardly believe I won it:)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Preschool Graduation!!

This cute boy below had his preschool graduation this morning.  I can't believe that in the Fall he will be in kindergarten.  Time just flies!  Annie attended his graduation with me and we had so much fun watching Warren sing and even dance at times .  He knows his ABC's, the days of the week, and the months of the year.  He can count to 100 by 10's.   We loved the program it was so cute.
Me with my little buddy.
Warren with his family.
Me with cute Weston.
The graduates.
Warren with his teachers.
Congratulations Warren!  We are so proud of you:)

Monday, May 13, 2013


My Mother's Day week started when Annie surprised me with lunch from one of my favorite places.  Normandy Cafe.  Yum!!
She also brought two of my favorite treats from there for desert.  A butter dream cookie and mint brownie.  Two days later she took me to lunch again.  She likes to spoil me.  Thanks Annie.
On Saturday I was able to make it to to this cuties Lacrosse game.  Us before the game.
And after
Saturday night we attended  our Stakes Cowboy Round Up.   Alyse and Jarom , and April attended also. 
There was a chili contest that I entered but did not win and a pie contest that a 14 year old boy in our ward won.  I tasted his pie and it was delicious! There were also hot dogs, salad, corn bread and rolls, and some homemade root beer.  So we enjoyed a nice dinner.  There were pony rides for the kids, a bounce house, and lots of games and races.  Later there was square dancing but we didn't stay for that.  It was a fun night.
When I got home from the roundup Annie greeted me with a plate of goodies from two of my favorite bakeries.  Yum, yum, and more yum.  I hope I don't gain the ten pounds back that I lost last Fall for Alyse's wedding.
On Mothers day Kim and Annie spoiled me with new clothes.  All my kids and their families came for a barbecue.  We had a nice dinner, took some fun pictures and I got spoiled some more with a gift card for new running shoes (Thanks kids!), a box of chocolate covered strawberries, and a coupon for a pedicure.
Me with my kiddos.
All the mothers in our family.
I even go a couple of decent pictures with the grandkids.
Today Alyse took me out for my pedicure...
and to lunch after.  Back to Normandy.  My kids know what I like and how to spoil me.
Thanks everyone for a really fun Mothers Day week.  Love you all, you're the best!!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Annie's New Ride :)

 Annie's new ride is not a new car.  We have been looking for a bike that she could take with her on her mission and she found one that she loves.  We picked it up on Saturday and I have had fun taking some bike rides with her.  I think it may be my new favorite kind of exercise.  We have a great bike path just outside our neighborhood and we have enjoyed riding on it.  The Spring days we have been having are the perfect temperature for a bike ride.  It's been so fun!!
I had to include this picture of Eliza as a cute little starfish from her performance in Little Mermaid.