The Fisher Family

Monday, October 21, 2013

October Birthdays, Football, and Annie's New Digs :)

October is a big birthday month in our family:)  We celebrated the first three birthdays at a fun Sunday dinner party.  I love all these birthday boys!

The whole family.
Mr. H has recovered from his chicken pox and is back to playing football.  We have had fun watching him:)
Annie has been in Tahiti for two weeks now.  She has a wonderful trainer and is happy and doing well.  Below is the little house she shares with three other sisters.
This is a picture of her guard dog.  I don't know if knowing she has a guard dog makes me worry more or less about her.  I guess if they need one it is a good thing. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Here's What's Been Happening :)

I am happy to say that I now have my cast off and am going to therapy two times a week to get the use of my wrist and fingers back.  It is going well!  The pictures below were taken in the Dr.'s office just before the cast was cut off.
This little cutie got glasses.  So now she can see! YAY!
I have loved watching #42 play!  He is awesome!

I have felt sad not to watch Mr. H play football.  This poor guy has had the chickenpox :(  Such a bummer.  We will be watching him when he is back to playing.  I kind of think he hasn't minded missing school very much though.
Warren is back to playing soccer and we love watching him play!  He is awesome at making goals for his team!
I have as much fun watching Weston as I do Warren.  He thought the cones at the game made great hats
Cute Annie had a special treat when our neighbor Jean Stevens who is the first counselor in the General Primary Presidency spoke to the missionaries at the MTC.  She loved seeing a familiar face.  Jean visit teaches me and I loved hearing all about it from her as well as hearing about it in Annie's email.
Me, Alyse, and April loved the Women s Conference last Sat. night.  We especially loved the missionary choir and seeing our cute Annie who was singing in it!
There she is!!
The most special part of it happened when it was over and as we exited the conference center the sister missionaries were exiting right next to us.  WE GOT TO SEE HER IN PERSON, GIVE HER A HUG, AND TELL HER  HOW MUCH WE LOVE HER!!!  It made my whole week!  What a tender mercy!