The Fisher Family

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I love Thanksgiving! I have found that if I take the time to write down all my blessings the day before or the day of Thanksgiving that I am even more grateful because I see on paper all the many blessings that I have. It makes all the things that are problems in my life fade away compared to how many blessings I have to be grateful for. This year the four amazing members of my family below ran the 5K that our Rec Center was sponsoring. So way to go Mr. H, Kim, Alyse, and Annie for running in the cold and finishing. You are all awesome! I stayed home and worked on food for dinner.

We were lucky to have all our daughters and those with families with us this year even though it was the year to go to the in laws. My oldest daughters parents- in -law are on a mission so we got to have them with us and the only one we missed was our sons family. Everyone helped and we had a wonderful dinner!

Below is me with 3 of my 4 daughters.

Cute baby Kaitlyn made all of us smile.

After dinner there was lots of visiting, some game playing, and some football watching. Someone even fell asleep on the couch but I'm not allowed to show a picture of him.

That night we went to see a movie which is a tradition on Thanksgiving but I was not smart enough to buy tickets a head of time so we were unable to get in:( We came home and played games instead and had a really fun time so it all worked out:) I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving also.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Family Fun and All Done

They say all good things must come to an end and out door soccer and football have ended for the cute kids below. The good news is basket ball starts soon for Mr. M and H and little Warren is already playing indoor soccer. Miss E might get to wear her cheerleader outfit at some of those games :)

Oh we had so much fun taking family pictures for our Christmas card. The question is which one do I choose. Help me! Do you prefer number one, two, or three starting with the one below being number one. Alyse has her boyfriend in the picture. No they are not engaged.

I have the hardest time getting a grand kids picture. These were the two best. Oh well.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Fun!

We had a fun Halloween week. It started when Alyse, Annie and I along with baby Kaitlyn went for our traditional visit to Gardner Village to see all the witches. We ran into one of our favorite Elders from our mission along with his cute family. It was so fun to see them all in person! I was able to attend Mr. H and Miss E's Halloween parade at their school. H was a Greek God.

Miss E was a really cute dead cheerleader.

Alyse dressed as a pirate for a couple of Halloween parties she went to.

I was not able to attend Eliza's preschool party but I hear she was a really good singer! I did get to attend Brianna's preschool party along with her mom and baby Kaitlyn. She had fun decorating sugar cookies and eating them. She also got to draw pictures of jack o lanterns on orange paper and help carve jack o lanterns out of pumpkins. It was a fun little party.

Below is April and her little ladybugs and bumble bee.

Grandma with Kaitie and Eliza.

Grandma with Brianna.

Below is Andrews cute family.

Weston is a cute crab and Warren is the cutest spider man I have ever seen!

Grandma and her boys.

Me with 5 of my little spooks.

Westi and Kaitie are always excited to see each other.

Below is Annie with Warren and Eliza.

Alyse and her friend Jarom with our crab and ladybug.

Every year our neighbors throw a fun barbecue on Halloween. This year because we had nice weather it was even more fun!

Later on Halloween night Mr. H. and Miss E. made it over to trick or treat. It was sure fun to see them.

Grandma with two more of her spooks.

I love Halloween and it was such a fun one this year. I'm kind of sorry its over.