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Thursday, July 23, 2015


I feel so grateful that Kim, Annie, and I were able to return to where Annie served her mission!  We had a wonderful trip!  We were able to visit seven different Islands in French Polynesia and visit four of the five areas that Annie served in.  The only one we couldn't get to was the very tiny but beautiful Island of Maupiti.  Annie says its kind of a mini Bora Bora but even prettier.  The Planes only fly there once a week and there is not a ferry that goes there so we weren't able to get there but Annie pointed it out to us while we were on Bora and she took a picture of it from there.Below are pictures of us as we arrived in Tahiti.
Our first whole day in Tahiti was Sunday.  We attended church at Annie's favorite ward, met so many people that she loves.  Took a short drive to some beautiful spots around the island, had dinner at her old Bishops house, and that evening attended a missionary concert where Annie got to visit with lots of missionaries that she knows as well as members and we got to meet her mission president and his wife. Every where we went we were greeted with shell necklaces and double kisses on both cheeks:)
It rained a lot but we saw some beautiful rainbows.
Monday morning we flew to Raiatea where we spent a few hours looking around the main town.  Below is Raiatea's harbor.
Then we took a boat to the island of Tahaa where we stayed for two days.
Our bungalow that we stayed in.

They had these huge crabs everywhere and they were so fast that I could never get a picture of one until this guy got caught on the fence.
Next we flew to my favorite stop of the trip Bora Bora!  The water is the most beautiful turquoise blue and they have some beautiful beaches there.
We saw the Haiva while we were there.  It is a big interisland dance competition.  It was so fun to watch.
It rained a lot while we were there so we rented this cute little electric car to drive around the island and see things.  Annie wanted to bring it home.
The view from our hotel.
View from our beach of the huts we stayed in 17 years ago when we took the family to Bora Bora.
We ran into one of Annie's missionary friends on one of our drives around the island.
One night we ate dinner at the hotel we'd stayed in 17 years ago. Loved our tropical drinks:)
Kim and I kayaking.
Next we flew to the Tuamotu Islands to the island of Rangiroa. Below is our bungalow.
Every afternoon between 4 and 5:30 Dolphins would come here and jump and play in the surf.  It was so fun to watch.  While here Kim and Annie scuba dived, and from our patio we could watch brightly colored fish, little crabs and a few sharks swim by. On Sunday we met more missionary friends of Annie.
Views of Rangiroa from the airplane
Then we went to Tikehau. Kim and I arriving there.
The beach that we hung out at while we were there.
And a sunset from that same beach.  We were suppose to stay for two days but our accommodations there where so bad and it was so infested by swarms of miskitos  that we changed our plans and only stayed one day.  We went back to Tahiti a day early.
While on Tahiti I had my birthday.  Instead of a cake I had French macaroon cookies. 
Kim and I were also able to attend the Tahitian Temple and then we had to come back and get pictures.
On Friday we took the ferry over to the gorgeous island of Moorea.   
Moorea from the boat. It is so lush and beautiful!
A view from one of the high mountains.
We were able to track down these friends of Annie's who took such good care of her while she was serving there.
A picture from the grounds of the hotel we had stayed in 17 years ago when we were there.  We watched people swim with the Dolphins and saw some big sea turtles
This is the beach we stopped and swam at while we were there.  Then it was back to Tahiti.
Below are some of Annie's beloved friends.  She taught the family below and one by one they all joined the church.  We spent our last day visiting people and then flew out that night.
This sweet couple came to the airport to see us off.
We had a wonderful trip and I am so grateful for all the experiences we had!  Well maybe not Tikehau but everything else!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fathers Day, June Birthdays, and Splash Park Fun:)

June has been a busy month and has sped by so fast!  We enjoyed having all the family over on Fathers Day and had fun with our children and grandchildren. We even got a picture of Grandpa with all the grandkids:)
We celebrated our June birthdays at a fun family dinner.  Happy Birthday Jenn and Joel!
The silly picture:)
I have also enjoyed a few afternoons at the splash pad park with some of my grandchildren:)
Happy Summer:)