The Fisher Family

Thursday, February 27, 2014


My kindhearted, fun loving, always smiling brother in law Lee tripped on his stairs, fell down and hit his head and was in a coma for 4 weeks before he passed peacefully away at home. He will be greatly missed by my sister, his seven children, and his twenty grandchildren, as well as everyone who knew him.  There wasn't a nicer guy you could know:)  Love you Lee!

Annie has been experiencing lots  of rain in Tahiti!  She loves it!  She says for Tahiti it is cold:)
Annie and her companion with two 14 year old girls that were baptized about a week ago.  She is so in love with the Tahitian people and is humbled by how much she loves them and cares for them!  She is happy and doing great!

Monday, February 10, 2014

February Doings :)

Here is a little up date on Annie.  Below she is with her new companion that she is training.  She is a native so it helps Annie with the languages.  She is 19 and very sweet.  
This is Annie with her companion and her companions twin sister who is also a missionary:)
Annie with her last person that got baptized. She has been really blessed to find people who are ready.  She has two more baptisms this Sat.
Cute Alyse cut off all her beautiful long hair and donated it to locks of love.  Some days she likes the short hair and some days she doesn't.
I have had fun watching this cute boy play basketball!  He is a good little player.
I have had fun watching this cute guy play basketball also.  He is a good player!
Eliza had her 7th birthday.  On her real birthday we had a little cousins party for her since I was tending.
Me with the birthday girl.
With her cake and presents.

This past Sunday we had a family party for Eliza.  Everyone who wasn't sick was there.
It was a lot of fun! Hope you have a wonderful year Eliza:)