The Fisher Family

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Snow /Special Day

It's official we have the first snow fall in the valley today and it's still coming down. We get more tomorrow! We have had such a beautiful fall I just wasn't ready for winter yet. Here's to hoping Halloween won't be freezing! Last Sunday was a very special day for my favorite 12 year old. He received the Aaronic Priesthood from his father. It was a very sweet tender experience and I was so grateful to be there and share in it. Of course we had to take lots of pictures as you can see. He looks so grown up in his new suit.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy B Day Kim/ Worst Weekend/ Team Dinner

Last Saturday was Kim's birthday. To celebrate it we spent the day at Annie's JV tournament. They were playing the other 6 schools in our region. They won the first 4 teams. While playing the 5th team Annie rolled her ankle and went down hard. She spent the rest of that match and the 6th one with her leg elevated and ice on her ankle watching her team get beat. I don't know which hurt her more, her ankle or not being able to play. No one cheered harder for her team than Annie did. When the tournament ended we helped Annie to the car and headed home for Kim's birthday party. All the family came over and we really had a nice evening together. Sunday morning when Annie woke up she was running a fever and felt like she was getting a cold. She got worse and we finally decided she either had the seasonal flu or swine flu again for the 2nd time.(she had it in July) She said it had been the worst weekend of her life. Poor Annie.

My birthday guy.

I was in charge of the volleyball team dinner today before the game. It went really well other than the fact that Annie wasn't there and she wanted to be. (Still sick and if she wasn't sick still can't play with her injury) All the girls asked how she was and sent their love to her.

Our grand kids always make our get togethers so fun. This is a video of Brianna at Kim's birthday party. She is getting the nick name of Scooter. Hey why crawl when you can scoot?

This video is of Grandpa playing with some of the grand kids. It was a fun party!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Swine Flu Disappointment, Happy B Day M. B.

We were so excited for Annie's home volleyball game this week because besides Kim and I being there, Alyse was going to be able to come and all our married kids were going to be there also. Annie would have had a great cheering section. The game was against Tooele who they have already played and beat (or should I say creamed!) So we felt sure of another win. But alas Tooele has canceled on us due to the Swine Flu. This is the first athletic game I am aware of being canceled this fall due to the swine flu. Oh well. Better not to play than take the chance of catching Swine flu from any of the Tooele girls. Below is a picture of Annie's volleyball poster which is displayed in the volleyball trophy case this week. Since none of you out there will get to see it at the game this week I thought I would share it on line. Go Annie #24! At our combined family night this month we celebrated my oldest grandson's birthday!

Those sparkler candles were fun to blow out!

We love to party! We get lots of chances this month with all the Oct. birthdays!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

St. George Marathon 09

I am so proud of my family members who participated in the St. George Marathon. To my husband Kim, my daughter and son in law Jennifer and Joel congratulations! Last year my daughter Jennifer ran/walked in the St. George Marathon. My family went down to watch her and support her. After seeing her do it Kim decided that he wanted to do it this year. I thought he was crazy but guess what, he did it! The race took place over the UEA weekend so both Alyse and Annie were out of school last Thur. and Fri. We left Thur. morning and headed for Las Vegas because a month ago when we were in St. George for Annie's volleyball tournament, she felt bad that the rest of us went to Vegas without her while she was practicing for volleyball. Annie's favorite things about Vegas was the roller coaster at New York, New York. (that's the one Alyse and I can't ride because we are not tall enough), and the M and M store. Below is a picture of Alyse and Annie at the M and M store. The M and M's were all dressed up for Halloween. Fri. morning before we headed to St. George we went to the Las Vegas Temple. It is beautiful as all the Temples are. Below are Kim, Alyse and Annie in front of the temple.
Annie, Alyse, and Linda.
Saturday morning bright and early we headed up Snow Canyon to the 15 mile mark of the race to cheer on the runners in the St. George Marathon. Below are the spectators Annie, Alyse, and Linda.
Here is Jennifer's son Mckay(my oldest grandson) Jenn's sister in law Amber and niece holding a sign cheering Jennifer on.
Below is Jennifer's sister in law Brooke. Her husbands family has lots of participants in the marathon.
Mckay standing on a mountain of rocks so Jenn could be sure and see her sign.
Family picture with Kim when he took a rest from the race to visit a minute.
Jennifer and Kim
Here they come running !
Jennifer and Joel

Here comes Kim at the finish line! He is to the right of the guy in the red hat. Wow he did it! It brought tears to my eyes!
Kim receiving his medal!
Kim with his medal! We are all so proud of him!
Jennifer and Joel coming across the finish line!
We are really proud of them too!
Getting their medals.

Good job you guys! Can I just brag about Kim for a minute and say that he beat his daughter by a half hour and he is 26 years older than she is. We are grateful we were able to support all of you! It was a fun few days!