The Fisher Family

Monday, July 27, 2009

Draper Parade and Alyse and Emma's B-Day Party

Yesterday we celebrated Alyse and Emma's birthdays with the whole family. They are both this week just a day a part. It was a fun party! Alyse likes theme parties and this year it was a Hawaiian one. The front door had signs on it that said Aloha and welcome in Hawaiian. Everyone that came through the door was greeted with an Aloha and a lei. Hawaiian music was playing and we served Hawaiian Haystacks, grilled pineapple, watermelon, and a special Polynesian Punch that Alyse made. A picture of our Hawaiian place setting.

The Hawaiian center piece.

Alyse's Polynesian Punch. It was yummy!

Cute Alyse all decked out in her Hawaiian outfit with her birthday cake. It had Hawaiian flowers on it and flip flops.

Mom and Alyse.
Cute Emma with her Ice Cream Cake birthday cake.

The two birthday girls together! Happy Birthday we love you both!

Andrew's business had an entry in the Draper Parade. So of course we had to go watch the parade so we could wave at Andy's family and take pictures. Below is Andrew.
Annie got to ride in the back. Warren got to ride in the front and eat Popsicles and wave to everyone. He loved it!
It was a fun parade!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grandkids Pictures

Last year for Mothers Day I had pictures taken of my grand kids. This year since we had added a new one I thought I would do it again. The photographer had just had a baby though and needed some time to recover. So I have finally gotten my late Mothers Day present. Eliza was kind of a stinker that day and made the photo shoot kind of wild but we still got some cute ones. Below are my 6 sweethearts!
One of the group shots

Brianna all dressed up and loving the beads




Another group shot. Don't I have some cuties?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


29 Years ago this beautiful baby was born. She was an ambitious little gal who dreamed of riding the wild wild west.

Sweet 16!!! What a heart breaker!
She grew up to become a momma, here she is with her first daughter Jennifer

Her one and only son Andrew
Her third child was April

Her sweet little fourth child Alyse

Last but not least Wild Annie and mom
Happy Birthday MOMMY

We Celebrated last Sunday with the fam, Warren really likes sitting on Grandma's lap because he was closer to the cake :)

Happy birthday mom

We love you Mom, Al and Annikan

Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July and Poulson Family Reunion

July is just one big party for us! This morning we had the Poulson family reunion. It was a breaksfast. I was in charge of it this year and I was so pleased with how well it all went. I want to thank all my kids for all their help they were awesome! My sisters all had food assignments and I couldn't have done it without Kim! He helped haul everything over to the park and did such a great job manning the grill! This is a long picture blog but I wanted to share the fun. Below is a picture of 2 of my favorite girls. Eliza and Emma. April, Alyse, Annie, and Jennifer share a sisterly moment!

2 of my favorite boys. Mckay and Warren.

Alyse and Brianna.
Annie and Andrew were in charge of games and the kids had fun swinging at the pinata. Go Eliza!
Annie lining the kids up by age to take at a crack at the pinata.
My oldest and youngest share a tender moment.
April, Eric and Brianna.Hunter, Joel, and River.
Alyse and Annie
Hunter was proud of his new buzz haircut.
Marilyn with a daughter in law and granddaughter. Those cinnamon rolls sure were good!
Marilyn and some of her family.
Eliza and Emma. My handsome son Andrew.
What a swing Annie!

What a swing Warren! He is still learning the difference between baseball and golf.
Get ready to try it again!
Annie helps scramble some eggs.
My awesome bacon, sausage, and egg man!
Annie, Jenn, and Alyse.
The four remaining Poulson sisters, Marilyn, Linda, Carol, and Jan.
The Fisher family! It was a great reunion thanks everyone!
Last Sat. on the 4Th of July we partied also. Below Grandma and Brianna. April's family joined us in the evening for a BBQ at our neighbors.
Alyse and Eliza.
April and her girls.
Eric, Eliza, and Brianna.
Brianna decked out in her red, white, and blue.
In the morning we enjoyed a breakfast at Evergreen park with Jenn's family then watched the parade that Emma was in with her dance group.
Yay Emma1

Mckay and Jenn.
Mckay and Hunter getting a nap in while waiting for the parade to begin.
Jennifer and me. What a fun day it was!