The Fisher Family

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Deal With Annie, Haircuts, and Sliver Lake

Okay here is the deal with Annie. In the first tournament of the season she broke her wrist, at least the Dr. was somewhat sure that she had. Annie was so upset over it we ended up getting a second opinion from a sports medicine Dr. He said whether it was broken or she had a sprain having it in a cast was a good thing for a couple of weeks. He said to come back in 2 weeks he'd take the cast off and re X ray it and he'd be able to tell if it was broken or not. After a long long 2 weeks we went back. He wasn't positive but he felt like it was broken. We ended up getting an MRI x ray of her wrist. It showed that where both Dr.'s had thought there was a break there wasn't (yay!) but it also showed that in a different place there was a break. If you can call a fracture a good fracture this was one. It is in a place that heals fast and can be cast up to 3 months after the break and heal properly. So what did Annie decide to do? You guessed it. She is back to playing volleyball with a broken wrist and will get it cast at the end of the season. The cast has been off for two weeks and she has been back to playing for those two weeks. So far so good. We hope all will go well with the rest of the season for her. Below is Annie having her name and number called out at the start of the game.

Some of Annie's fans. Thanks for all the support!

Starting player #24 Annie Fisher.

The two cute girls below got hair cuts the other day. Annie had 3 inches cut off and had her hair layered. Alyse got 10 inches (yes I said 10 inches) cut off and now also has bangs which she hasn't had since she was 9 or 10 years old. Cute hair girls.

I have tended grand kids a lot this past week. These three cuties had fun playing drees up.

Last Monday for family night we had a picnic up at Silver Lake and then took a walk around the Lake. It was just beautiful!

I always like tending this cute little guy. He is growing and growing!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sept. B. Days, and Alyse's Special Day.

I have two grandchildren who celebrated birthdays last week. The handsome young man below turned 11 years old. (Can't believe it!)Blowing out candles.

This little cutie turned 2 years old. (Can't believe it either) Time goes way too fast.

Blowing out candles.
We had a double birthday party for them them with all the family. Happy birthday you two.

Since Brianna's family has been living with us we had another little party on her real birthday. The girl cousins went to the park and played.

We had pizza and another little birthday cake at the park. Happy Birthday!
Last Saturday Alyse went through the Temple for the the first time. She had an amazing, wonderful experience!
The rest of us below got to share her special day with her. I got to be in the temple with four of my five children and that was really special for me!

I just have to include a few pictures of these cuties.

Just a side note. Annie's (and Kim's and mine) High School beat Skyline (their biggest rival) in football for the second year in a row. So Olympus gets to keep "The Rock" at their school in the trophy case for another year. YEAH!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Alyse's Travels, Last Team Dinner, And Grandchildren

Alyse just got back from a wonderful trip to Florida and Texas. She had to go see old friends one more time before she heads out on her mission. In Florida she went to Animal Kingdom, the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Universal Studios. She had a blast! Below is some of the crew from Casey's that she used to work with in the Magic Kingdom.Her friend Jenn and her at Epcot.

Hollywood Studios.

Dumbledore's office in Harry Potter World.

Hogwarts in Harry Potter World.

Then on to Texas. She had some really good visits with old friends. Hey thanks for letting her stay! Caiti and Alyse.

Lauren and Alyse.

Bonnie and Alyse.

Even though Annie has been out of commission with her wrist I was still in charge of the team dinner this past Thursday for the Volleyball Team. It was my last team dinner. I won't ever have to do one again. Wow another mile stone. The girls are always so appreciative and fun to be around. They lovingly call me Mama Fish. It was fun to do it for them and be with them. Go Titans!

I always look forward to visiting or tending the cute little kids below. Weston is growing and growing.

Eliza's first day of ballet class. Fun times!