The Fisher Family

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Halloween and other October Happenings 2016

October went by way to fast but we had some fun things going on in the month.  Below Annie and I made it up to Silver Lake before it snowed up there.  The leaves were almost gone but there were still a few of them hanging on.  It was still beautiful and we enjoyed our little outing.
On Kaitlyn's birthday we took the girls to a fun nickle arcade and cute Kaitie had a ball!
Later we had a little party for her with our household.
I've tended Ruby a lot and these cute girls have had fun together.
Annie and I made it out to visit the witches at Gardner Village.  It's a fun tradition.
We had a fun Halloween.  Below is cute Kaitlyn as Scooby Doo.  She was suppose to be Todo from the Wizard of Oz but when no costume for that was found she was Scooby Doo instead.  They are both dogs right?
Here's are little Dorthy.
And the Scarecrow.
Here's the Cowardly Lion with her girls.
The Witch and the Lion.
My cute Witch.
The Secret Service Man.
Olaf from Frozen.
Anna from Frozen.
Anna, Elsa, and Olfa
The Secret Service Men.
Andy's whole family.
  Em as Rosie the Riveter from World War Two.
Me with my spooks.
The Halloween Barbecue at our neighbors house.  Always fun!