The Fisher Family

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sweetest Day Ever, Elves, Annie Update :)

On Alyse and Jarom's one year wedding anniversary they went to the Temple and were married for all eternity!  It was the sweetest day ever!  Below they are exiting the Temple as happy as can be!!
Them with our family minus Annie.
It was a cold rainy day but Alyse was so filled with joy that she didn't feel cold.
The happy couple
With the parents.
Beautiful happy couple.
When we get the professional pictures I will post more.  Alyse and I had the chance to visit the Elves at Gardner Village.  Hot chocolate, muffin tops, and fudge.  It was a fun day:) 
Annie is happy and doing well!  I live for her emails every week. Below is her with one of the girls she lives with.  
This picture was taken at her first Zone Conference.  These are some of her friends from the MTC.  She said it was like a family reunion seeing them again.  
Annie with her companion that she loves sooo much!
Read the sign she is holding.  I wish I was there!!
Annie and her companion giving service.
This was the picture of all the missionaries that went to Tahiti with Annie.  We were excited to get it.
Annie is happy and doing well.  She is busy teaching, giving service, and becoming more fluent in the languages there. In her last letter she expressed such gratitude for her mission, her companion, her Savior, her Father In Heaven, her family, the Temple, the gospel, and all that she has been given.  We love hearing from her!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Spooks, Birthdays, and Oct. Activities :)

Starting out we have Halloween.  It was a fun day filled with Halloween Parades and visits with my little and big spooks.  It ended with our neighbors Halloween barbecue and handing out candy to the trick or treaters.  Below is me with my little super heroes.
April with her girls,
Andrew and his family.
My little army men. 
My four littlest spooks.
Me with the army men.
Clown hair man and cute owl.
Jenn with two of her kids.
Me with Mr. M and Miss E.
Five of my grandchildren.
 Buzz Lightyear with his cat Woody and the Witch with her cat the bat.
The little girls ballet studio had a fun Halloween party for them that we attended. 
 Getting their faces painted
Showing off the face paint.
Kaitlyn had her third birthday
Warren had his 6th birthday.
We had a fun family party for both of them.
The Birthday kids.
The whole family.
My two oldest grandsons were ordained to be a priest and a teacher.  Congrats to them:)
We were grateful to be there with them for it.
This handsome young man finished up his sophomore year of football.  I loved watching him play:) 
Alyse and I made it out to Gardner Village to visit with all the Witches.
We had a great Oct.  It just went by way to fast. Now on to November.