The Fisher Family

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ragnar Team 999 One Last Time

I am so proud of my the family members in the picture below.  Last weekend my husband , son , and two of my daughters ran the Ragnar race from Logan to Park City.  It is a relay race with 12 members on each team.  The race is over 200 miles and last about 36 hours.  My husband was team captain and chose the name of the team (One Last Time)  He is always saying this is my last race.  Their team number was 999.  
Here is my son with his half of the team getting ready to leave for the race.  I didn't get a picture of Kim's half of the team because they were on the road at 3am to be up in Logan to start the race at 5:30am.
Here is April on the course.
Here is the team coming across the finish line.  Annie is on the far left, Andrew on the right in blue shorts.  April is right behind Andrew.  A little bit of her shows on his left.  Kim is behind the guy in red short on the    left in a white hat.
The whole team after the race.
Annie with her medal.  She ran 21.3 miles.
April with her metal.  She ran 14 miles.
Andrew with is medal.  He ran 13 miles.
Kim with his metal.  He ran 17 miles.
Alyse and I were the spectators who cheered them on at the finish line.
Alyse and I also watched these six little cuties while their parents were running.  They had fun in the pool .
When they had had enough water.  They laid on the side of the pool and just hung out.  It was so cute!
I am so proud of my Ragnar runners.  They are amazing  and each one of them is a champion in my book!  My daughter in law also ran Ragnar on an all women's team.  Congratulations to her.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

40th Wedding Anniversary and More Birthdays

It is hard for me to believe but my husband and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary this week.  We have been married a long time!  My cute husband did a little research and found that the 40th is the ruby anniversary so he took me to dinner at Ruby River.  After dinner we went and got a ruby red velvet bundt cake for dessert.  Then we came home and watched the DVD that I had given him and no it did not have ruby slippers in it.  Fun night!
This is what we look like today and below is what we looked like on our wedding day.
We  also celebrated our June birthdays this week at a fun double birthday party.  Happy birthday to my daughter and son in law.  We wish them both a wonderful year.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Keeping Busy!

We have had a busy Spring!  Here are a few of the things that have kept us busy.  I had fun watching cute Warren play T Ball.
Eliza had a Soccer class and I had fun watching her learn to play soccer.  She got pretty good at going after the ball.
One of my grandsons played Lacrosse and I had fun watching him play and learning about the game because I had never watched Lacrosse before.  I also had fun watching his brother play basketball.
Then there were the dance recitals.  Three of my four grand daughters take dance and they all did a beautiful job dancing in their dance programs.
Little Brianna was one of Bo Peeps sheep in hers.  She made for a cute little lamb. She loved the flowers she was given after and the butterfly net from her teacher.
Eliza danced to Rain Rain Go Away and got to dance with an umbrella.  She liked her flowers and net also.
All the girls had a lot of support from family and friends.
I finally made it to the graves to decorate them but it wasn't on Memorial day.
These cuties have had fun on hot summer days swimming in our blow up pool in the backyard.
The last two pictures uploaded out of order. Westi had fun watching Warren at his T Ball games and the other is of Eliza at soccer.  Grand kids are the best and we are keeping busy!