The Fisher Family

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy # 4, And Senior Night Remembered

Cute little Warren turns four years old this weekend. We started his birthday week off for him with a fun family birthday party at our Sunday dinner. It was so cute when he looked at his cake right before we sang to him and he said " I can't believe my birthday is really here!" Happy Birthday little guy! We love you!

Opening presents.

On Wed. when I tended Warren and his little brother we decided we better have a midweek party. So we had cup cakes and a birthday balloon for him. It was a fun little party.

Blowing out the candle.

This week Annie and I attended Olympus's Senior night for the Volleyball Team. It was fun to go back and see old friends and their family's and watch the last game of the season. Unfortunately they lost to Skyline. But the sets were close and fun to watch. It brought back lots of memories of last year when Annie had her Senior Night and the team won on Senior Night for the first time in ten years. Her team went on to take fourth place in the State Tournament. Fun memories!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Birthday Number One!

None of us can believe it but little Kaitlyn Rose has turned one year old! Below is Kaitlyn with Grandma on her real birthday.

Above is Kaitie riding her birthday gift. Her sisters finally let her have a turn. Below is Kaitie with her cake at her birthday party with family and friends. She looked like a little princess in her new birthday dress.

Grandma and Kaitlyn.

April had made cute cupcakes out of Styrofoam. Her decorations were so cute. She also made the cutest favor for people to take home but I didn't get a picture of them.

Brianna had fun with Grandpa reading her some of the books that Kaitlyn had received.

These two cuties love each other so much!

Above is Mom with Kaitie and below is a cousin, uncle, and aunt with her.

Opening presents.

Getting her very own cupcake. She enjoyed playing with it more than eating it.

Above is all the family that could make it to the party. We missed a few due to work, and another in law birthday party. We love you Kaitlyn and wish you a happy year.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Freezing, Mr. H Gets The Priesthood, A Fun Trip

I went to Warren's last game of the season last Sat. and it was so cold. I had a winter coat on and a blanket and I still froze! The wind just went through you. Look at brave little Warren below. Doesn't he look cold? He played awesome and made a couple of goals.
After Warren's game I went to Mr. M's ( pictured below) football game and I froze some more. He 's giving me a wave after the game, broken fingers and all. They killed the other team. It was a fun game to watch.

Just the week before we were sweating as we watched the games.

But last Sat. we were all bundled up like little Westi pictured below. What a difference a few days can make.

Last Sunday Mr. H received the Aaronic Priesthood. How special it was to see my 2nd grandson ordained to the priesthood. Congratulations H!

Alyse and her first companion from her mission took a long weekend and returned to visit their mission and say goodbye to some special companions who are returning home and say hello to members and investigators. They dropped Annie off in St. George on the way down and she got to spend the weekend with her best friend who is going to school there. Fun fun. Alyse and Kim then moved on to Las Vegas and had fun there before continuing on to Calif. Below are Alyse and Kim in Las Vegas.

Above is Alyse and her companion with one of their investigators who agreed to come to church since they were there.

Alyse at Universal Studios.

Above is Alyse and her companion with the member they stayed with.

Alyse playing in the ocean at night.

Above is Alyse with her first, second and third companions.

Alyse with her Mission President.

Old companions and friends.

The girl in the middle is returning to Cambodia where she is from. Alyse will miss her.

Above is Alyse with her fourth companion. She is from Mongolia.

Alyse with her third and first companions.

On the drive home. They picked up Annie and made it home safely. Both girls were grateful for their little trips away from home.