The Fisher Family

Monday, October 27, 2014

October, Lake Powell, Birthdays :)

Andrew is a die hard Broncos fan! Below he is pictured with his cute little daughter in their Broncos gear.
Ruby and I were twiners in our gray and white strips:)
April's family along with Alyse joined me for the Witches Festival at Gardner Village.
Over UEA we made another trip down to Lake Powell with some of the family and had so much fun!  Kim and Jarom had their birthdays while we were there and we had a joint party for them.  Good times:)
Me with cute Ruby:) 
I loved being able to watch the handsome guy below finish his football season.
I had fun with the three little superheros below at their ballet studios Halloween party.
Miss Kaitlyn turned four years old and we had fun celebrating with her.
She got two parties.  One on her birthday and one when we celebrated all our October birthdays at our family dinner.  It was a fun party!!!
All of our October birthday boys and girl:)  The cakes were divine!!!
The whole family:)