The Fisher Family

Monday, November 17, 2014

Halloween and Fun November Things :)

I got to attend Kaitlyn's Halloween Preschool party!  She was so excited and it was a fun program the kids put on for the parents and grandparents.

On Halloween I got to see all my little and big spooks and give them their Halloween treats from Grandma.
Our neighbors always host a fun Halloween barbecue and it was so fun this year because we had such nice weather for it!

Alyse and Jarom (AKA characters from the movie Grease)joined us for the barbecue.
Then they helped take April's kids trick or treating.
It was such a fun day!
I loved watching this guy finish up his little league football career.  His team went to the play offs!
I also enjoyed watching this little guy play indoor soccer!
Some of Westi's fans.
Little Ruby is just growing and growing.  She is so much fun!
We tried getting a family picture for our Christmas card and this was the best we got.  Little stinker Eliza stuck her tongue out in every picture and my oldest grandson was sick so he missed the picture, and of course Annie is still on her mission.
On Veterans Day Kim got to attend a special Veterans program and have breakfast.with cute Warren at his school! 
Below is Annie with her mission president and his wife.
Annie celebrating one of her companions birthdays.  
She has now been transferred to the beautiful but very tiny island of Maupiti. It is an hour plane ride from Tahiti.  She and her new companion are the only missionaries on the island.  There is just one road around the whole island.  She loves it there and says it is the prettiest place she has ever seen!