The Fisher Family

Friday, August 23, 2013

Broken Wrist, Westi's B Day, Grandkids.

I must be getting old because I fell twice in one week.  The first time I had bruises and scrapes but the second time I fell on some cement steps at my grandkids football fundraiser.  I knew it was bad right away.  I broke my wrist badly and had surgery on it Wed. to put it back together.  Now I am on the road to recovery.  I get my hard cast put on in just over a week.  I've gained a great appreciation for having two hands.
Our little Weston turned 3 years old this month.  We had a fun party for him last Sunday.
We had some fun at parks with the grandkids...
...and some fun in the backyard.
Eliza started 1st grade.  Below is her on the 1st day of school.
waiting for the bus
getting on the bus.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jackson Hole 2013

We had such a fun little trip up to the Jackson Hole area last week.  First we camped.
Hiked to the Granite waterfall.
Had lots of fun hikes and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.
Swam in the hot springs.
Had so much fun around the camp fire roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.
Then we had a couple of days in Jackson Hole.
Eliza was chosen to be part of the jury during the shoot out.  Below she is running back to us after they dismissed the jury.
Cute Alyse and Jarom.
Me with a couple of my darling ones.
Loving all the bears every where.
They had the best ice cream!
We had such a fun trip!! So glad the Becks and the Wrights could join us.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Stache Bash!!

Last Sunday we celebrated the last two July birthdays.  Alyse and my oldest granddaughter celebrate their birthdays a day a part.  Alyse always has to have a theme birthday party.  Some of her siblings told her now that she is  married she should grow up and not have them any more.  But other siblings told her that her parties are always the funnest because of her themes and she should never stop having them.  So this year it was a mustache theme.  Alyse loves mustaches.  She has a swimsuit that has mustaches on it.  She even put a black mustache on the front of her white car.  We had fun decorating for her party!  Below is Alyse with her balloons.
We had fun goofing around. 
Alyse chose our traditional Chocolate mint birthday cake for her cake.
Miss E wanted a banana cream pie for her birthday cake.
Me with my birthday sweetheart.
Miss E with her mustached family.
Jarom and Alyse
The birthday girls.
Everyone having fun with the staches.
Alyse in her other mustache.  When you're the birthday girl you get more than one.
Alyse and I on her real birthday having lunch.
Happy birthday to these two beautiful girls. I love you both and we all wish you both a very happy year!!!