The Fisher Family

Monday, September 26, 2016

Brianna's Baptism and Other Fall Fun:)

I have had fun watching cute Weston play soccer.  He is a good little player and makes lots of goals for his team.
Below are Aprils girls on picture day at school.  They all looked cute in their matching dresses.
Brianna's 8 year old picture.  She is wearing her pretty white dress that she wore for her baptism.
Grandma and Brianna on her baptism day.
Brianna with mom.
Uncle Andrew and Ruby with Brianna and her family on her special day.
Grandma with them.
Aunt Jennifer with Brianna.
Brianna and Uncle Joel.
Grandpa with Brianna.  Grandpa baptized her and confirmed her a member of the church.  He gave her a very sweet blessing.
Aunt Annie with Brianna.
Aunt Alyse and Uncle Jarom with Brianna.
Our sweet little Brianna.
It was a special day and Brianna felt very loved and supported by all the family and the many friends and neighbors that attended her baptism.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

September Birthdays

Cute Hunter turned 17 this week!  Can't believe it.  We celebrated with him and his cousin Brianna at a fun family party.  Below is a picture of Hunter with his cake.  It really does have a 17 on it not just a one but the green of the7 kind of blends in with his shirt.
Brianna is turning 8 this week!  below is a picture of her with her cake.
Brianna wearing the birthday hat.
Me with my birthday grandkids.
All of the family celebrating with them!
We started eating outside but it was just too hot for at least half of us so we moved inside for the birthday party.  Happy Birthday Hunter and Brianna.  I wish you both a happy year!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Lake Powell, Mckay's Setting Apart, School Starts

We had a fun little trip at Lake Powell!  Below are Jarom and Alyse boating.
Jarom and Kaitlyn
One of our little fishes also known as Kaitlyn.
Alyse and me
Me with April
Enjoying dipping her feet in the lake.
Grandpa and Grandma.
Kaitlyn rode in the tube all by herself this year.
Brianna rode all by herself too!
Grandma and Brianna taking a ride together.
Grandpa helped Eliza drive the boat for the first time.
Me with my little sweethearts.
Alyse, Brianna, Kaitlyn, and Jarom riding on the boat.
They all loved swimming in Lake Powell.
Grandpa, Eliza, and Alyse swimming.

Mckay's setting apart to be a missionary was a very sweet event!
Kim and I with our missionary grandson.
Mckay with his dad, grandfathers, Bishop, and Stake President.
Miss Eliza on the first day of school.
Brianna on the first day of school.
Miss Kaitlyn Rose on her first day of Kindergarten.  She was soooo excited!
I have had fun watching Hunter play football.
Miss E did such a beautiful job dancing in the three dances she was in at her studio's Choreography Concert. 
Em with some of the family that was there to watch her.
I was noticing that I have had professional pictures taken with each of my daughters over the years when we had matching sweaters or blouses except for Alyse.  I don't know why I didn't think of it when we were having professorial pictures taken a few weeks ago but I didn't or I could have had the photographer take one of us.  But today Alyse and I put on our matching blouses that we had gotten for the family pictures and took one of us together in them.