The Fisher Family

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We did what has become a bit of a tradition and participated in the Midnight 5K run down in St. George over Memorial Day weekend.  This year all the adults that live at our house including our teenager either ran or walked the race.  Me, Alyse, and our neighbor who was down there pushed strollers with April's girls in them. Pushing the stroller made me 4 minutes slower this year than last year.  But I still took 3rd place in my age group.  The sad part is there were only 4 ladies in my age group doing it.  I think this race attracts younger people.   Kim took 2nd in his age group and our neighbor took first.  It is a fun race.  It always has a party atmosphere. 

There is loud music playing and people dancing.  At the end of the race we were rewarded with pizza, bread sticks, watermelon, ice cream, Gatorade, or water.  We had a great time doing it together despite the terrible winds that were blowing.  We had a lot of fun that with all the glow sticks and other fun glow items we got in our race bags.
This picture is of us with our neighbors before the race started.
This picture is out of order. My silly girls rode to church in the golf cart on Sunday.
Every one had fun with the golf cart.  It was a nice little get away! It's always nice to get home too.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pre School Graduations

I have had two of my eight grandchildren have preschool graduations in the past two weeks.  First I attended Warrens.  He looked so handsome and did such a good job!
Going up to the stage.
The spectators.
Warren was in charge of leading the audience in the pledge of allegiance.  Then the kids sang and said poems for the parents and grandparents.
At the end of the program they were given a rose for their mothers.  They got a balloon for themselves.
Me with Warren.
Warren with his parents,
Eliza's graduation had the theme of a Hawaiian beach party.
The kids got their faces painted.  The parents and grandparents got to have snack with the kids.
The children danced for us.
They sang for us.
Here is Eliza being honored.
Here she is with her graduation certificate.
Here she is receiving her gifts from her teachers.
Here she is with me.  I loved watching these two cuties perform.  It's so fun being a grandma!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day 2012

I had a wonderful Mothers Day.  It started at the begining of the week when Annie took me to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.  Later that afternoon she brought me a carmel apple.  It was yumming!  On Mothers day my sweet husband and kids spoiled me with new blouses, fun jewelery, and good books.  The mothers were honored at church and given a sweet treat at the end of Sacrament meeting and durning the lesson in Relief Society.  After church all the family came over and we had a fun barbeque.  It was the first of the year and we enjoyed eating outside on our deck because it was such a beautiful day!    I got a picture of me with my grandkids that wasn't too bad:)
Me with my kids.
Me with some of my gifts.
Me with the yummy carmel apple that Annie brought me.  Thanks everyone for a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Bridesmaid, A Birthday, And Vegas

Alyse had two friends get married last weekend.  She was a bridesmaid for the wedding that was on Friday.  Here she is in her dress and with the bride.  Fun times!
My cute daughter in law had a birthday last week and the family all celebrated with her on Sunday.  It was a fun party.  We all wish you a very happy up coming year!
Lucky April got to go on a trip to Las Vegas with a couple of girl friends last week.  She had a ball! Below they are just taking off!
Here she is enjoying some yummy frozen hot chocolate.
The M and M store was a lot of fun! So was the Coke store and the fun malls along the strip.
While she was on her trip I got to tend her three little girls.  Who do you think had more fun me or her?