The Fisher Family

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vegas, Volleyball, Very Good 1st Day of School

Here is cute Alyse on her first day of school. She is really excited about most of her classes. Below is Alyse in her Kappa Shirt. It is LDS Sorority Rush this week and she has been very busy with that.

Annie had a great 1st day of school! She attended each class for 25 minutes, got her yearbook picture taken, then got to come home until she had to go back for volleyball practice.
Annie's High School Volleyball team had a tournament in St. George last weekend. As soon as we dropped her off at the school to ride the bus down with the team Kim, Alyse, and I headed to Las Vegas. We had a good time in spite of the heat. My only complaint was walking 2 miles in 115 degree heat from our hotel to get down the strip to where all the fun hotels were. Oh yeah and then walking back 2 miles in the heat to get back to our hotel when we were done for the evening. ( I don't recommend doing that) Below is a picture of the 3 of us in the fun M&M store.
Kim is riding the roller coaster at New York, New York. He's right in the front. Can you see him? Alyse and I were too short to be allowed to ride. You had to be 5 ft. 4in.

Alyse and I at New York, New York.

Alyse at our hotel Circus Circus. They had a fun acrobat show we watched.
Kim and Alyse at The Bellagio.
Alyse and I at Caesars Palace.
Alyse over looking little Venice.
Alyse and I at Treasure Island.
We stayed over night in Las Vegas and spent the next morning there also. Can I just say that the early morning 90's were so much better that the 115 temperature of the evening before. Then we headed back to St. George for Annie's tournament. We got there with an hour to spare before it started. Annie's team played well and they had fun. This year Annie is the team setter. The tall girls took her spot as outside hitter. She is a good little setter and an awesome server! She's #24 in the setter's crouch on the floor in the picture below waiting for the other team to serve the ball.
Great set

Watch the serve
Get ready
Calling the ball

Awesome serve

Go for it

The tournament ran Friday afternoon through Sat. night. Annie was released to us at the end of the tournament and we spent the night in St. George. Kim and I ran over to Hurricane and surprised one of our former missionaries by attending his wedding reception. Sunday morning we attended the dedication of the Oquirrh Mt. Temple in St. George. Then we headed for home so Annie could get some rest and be ready for school which started the next day. It was a fun little get away. A big thank you to my son Andy and daughter in law Annie for the fun overnight in Heber City at the Zermatt Resort. We just got back from that today and enjoyed it. Alyse and Annie survived just fine while we were gone.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Congrats to these two daughters

Below is what Aprils family looks like today. She is celebrating 4 years of marriage with her husband this week! Wow where has the time gone? This is how they looked 4 years ago.

Below is what our family looked like 4 years ago at the Temple with them. (Only not so distorted) At the reception.

They were so cute. Happy Anniversary April and Eric!
Congratulations to this cutie for making her High School Volleyball team again. Try outs were 2 weeks ago and since then the team has been practicing 4 hours a day getting ready for their big tournament in St. George this weekend and for the up coming season! Good Luck Annie!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wheeler Farm

Last week I had a grandkids day with all of my grandkids. We went to Wheeler Farm and had a picnic and then looked at all the animals. In spite of the heat and the wind we all had a fun time!Below is a picture of me with all my grandkids. These two came along to help. Thanks girls.

Brianna is always smiling!

The kids checking out the cows and horses. Hi Mckay.

Warren decided this was a good way to stay cool.

Emma really helped with Brianna.
Taking a break.
Emma and Brianna.
Alyse and Eliza.
There were two kids that went nuts over the tractors!
Really Nuts!
Hunter and Eliza.

Hunter and Annie getting ready to give Warren a swing. 1,2,3 go!

My good helper Mckay with Eliza.

We'll have to do it again next year!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lake Powell

We just got back from a fun trip to Lake Powell. Alyse was such a good sport to spend her birthday riding all day in the car to get there! All these kids were happy to arrive at the lake!

Jenn's family going exploring.
Emma on her 7th birthday. Covered in a little sand and sunscreen.
Eliza and April having fun in the sun.
Brianna was happy in spite of the heat.
Annie and Emma
Alyse and Annie
Mom and Jenn
Brianna and April staying out of the sun in the cabin part of the boat.

Little monkey Eliza climbing around.
Grandpa and Eliza
Joel getting ready to cliff jump.
Hunter and Mckay cliff jumping.
The boys and April jumping.

My two bathing beauties.

We go to Lake Powell all most every year. This year I think we had our best camping spot ever. We had our own private lagoon and lots of room to explore. We water skied or some of us tried, we knee boarded, and rode the inner tube, swam and played on the floating island we brought with us. It was hot but not as hot as usual, it was a great trip! I am now grateful to have returned home safely!