The Fisher Family

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday April and the Professional Wedding Pictures

Last Saturday April celebrated her birthday.  We started out the day with a breakfast birthday party with those of us in our household.  
Later I took April to lunch at one of her favorite restaurants Olive Garden. YUM! Then I took her to see a movie.  It was a fun day.
On Sunday all the family came to dinner and we had a birthday party with everyone.
Me and April with her snowman cake.
I thought I would share some of our favorite pictures that our professional photographer took of Alyse's wedding. 
The whole wedding party.
Jarom's family.
Our family
It was a beautiful evening.  Lots of fun memories.  The newlyweds are doing great!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Years in Mexico

We had a quiet New Years Eve and celebrated early with the three little cuties below.  Then it was off to bed early because we got up really really early to head to the airport to catch our flight to Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  We had promised Annie a Senior trip when she graduated and she has never had one so she had been searching the internet for an affordable beach vacation and she found one.  So off we went.
We arrived in Puerto Vallarta at 3 in the afternoon and had hoped to spend some time at the beach but it was just pouring rain all day so instead we explored the hotel, had dinner, and watched TV, and read books in our hotel room.  Below is me on our balcony day one of the trip.
I did think the paper flowers the maids left on the toilet paper and tissue box each day were pretty cute.    
Day two it was still raining.  SAD.  We spent the morning listening to them try to sell us a time share.  By doing that we got a free breakfast and free zip line tickets for Kim and Annie. 
In the afternoon we took a bus down into Puerto Vallarta and explored the city and did a little shopping at the flea market in the rain. Below is Kim and I with a beautiful church in the background.
The inside of the church.
On the boardwalk that runs the length of the downtown district. 
Annie and I on the beach that night when the rain had finally stopped.  All the clouds made for a pretty sunset.
Day three.  Don't I look happy?  The sun was finally out. YAY!
So we finally had a day to enjoy the beach and pool.
Annie being camera shy.
Day four was sunny again. so that meant another beach and pool day.  Annie was brave enough to try para-sailing. Below they have the harness on her.
Here she is all ready to go up.
There she is sailing along.
And here she is coming down.  She loved it and said it was the biggest rush.
Here she is in the pool showing her henna body art she got at the beach that morning.
Late afternoon we went back into town for some shopping and dinner.Below is me by one of the statues along the water front.
The pretty sunset that night.
Day five was a beach day for me and a zip line day for Kim and Annie.  There were pelicans all over and I enjoyed watching them flying along and then diving down to the water to get a fish.  The one in the picture  below swam in the water for a good hour before he flew off.  
Kim on the zip line.  He and Annie had a fun day.  The course had 14 zip lines they went on. The longest one was a quarter of a mile long.  After they got a late lunch and headed back to the hotel where I was hanging out on the beach.
Day six we slept in then attended church.  I didn't understand much of what was said but I did enjoy the spirit of  the meeting.  Day seven Annie and I spent on the beach and Kim went into town and took a two hour Spanish lesson.  He loved practicing his Spanish with people and learning some new words.  In the evening we took the pictures below before heading out to dinner.
Day eight I got to spend an hour on the beach before heading out to the airport to come home.  We had such a fun time together and nobody got sick.  YAY!  I'm so glad Annie likes hanging out with her old parents and can still have fun with us.  A big thank you to Alyse and Jarom for staying at our house while we were gone and helping April when she needed it. The trip was a good way to start the new year, but now it is back to reality.