The Fisher Family

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mckay's Mission Call, The Zoo, and Other Fun:)

It was so fun to gathered as family and friends to watch Mr. M open his Mission call!  His mom had gone to a lot of work to make it special!  She had yummy food to eat and had decorated so cute for it. We all got to guess two places that we thought he would be called to and put pins in the maps with our name on it to see if we guessed right.  Below he has
 his unopened mission call!
Opening his call!
Reading it!  He will be serving in the South Africa Cape Town Mission!  He is so excited!
Being congratulated.
Looking over the call with his dad.
Proud parents!
Proud grandparents!
Mr. M and his favorite Aunt.
Daughters visiting as things wound down.  Such a fun evening!
April got a new family picture taken and I snapped the one of her below and the one of her girls while we were waiting for it.
We had a fun day at the Zoo!
We took these three to see the new Jungle Book movie and they wanted pictures in the birds nest advertising the up coming Angry Birds movie.
My daughter sent me these fun dance photos of some of Miss E's dance programs.
On point:)
My daughter also sent me some fun dance photos of some of Mr. M's school dances from the past year.