The Fisher Family

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lake Powell 2014, A Baptism, Birthdays, Summer Fun :)

We had a wonderful trip to Lake Powell.  We were back to camping this year after being spoiled on a houseboat the past two years.  But we still had so much fun!  We didn't have all the family with us this year but we're grateful to have those who could come.  Below are pictures of us with Rainbow Bridge in the back ground.  It is spectacular!!
Our little sand bugs:)
So fun in the water on a hot day!
April and her girls.
Little jumpers and swimmers:)
Jarom had fun playing in the sand with the little girls.
Me with my little sweethearts:)
Jarom and Alyse.
The past few months we have had Dale taught the missionary lessons in are home and on June 14, which was his birthday Kim had the honor of baptizing him! He is such an amazing man, we are so happy for him!
I have had fun tending grandkids:)
Little Ruby is growing up so fast!!
The kids have fun together too:)
We have visited the water park and it is always a hit.
My oldest daughter and her husband both have June birthdays and we had fun celebrating with them.
Jennifer with little Ruby.
Joel and Jenn chose ice cream over birthday cakes this year.
The whole family celebrating with them.  It was a fun party and such a delicious meal, thanks kids for your help:)
I just had to include a picture of cute Annie with one of her missionary friends.  She is still on Morrea but now has a new companion.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Annie Update, 5K, Sports, Dance, Ruby :)

Annie continues to work hard on her mission and has had two more baptisms.  She sent some fun pictures to us that she calls the fake Tahiti because they were taken on the grounds of a nice hotel on P Day with her district.  She says this is not how the missionaries or the Tahitians live so it is fake. But if we went as a tourist the pictures are how we would remember Tahiti.  They made me want to go:) 
Below is me with little Ruby when she was about 2 weeks old.
Me with my little soccer star!
And with my lacrosse champion.
We went to St. George for the Memorial Day weekend and had fun taking lots of golf cart rides.  Alyse became the favorite driver:)
We also ran the Midnight 5K race for the 5th year in a row.  I did not win a medal this year though I was only about 30 seconds slower than last year when I took a 3rd place medal.  We all had a lot of fun though!
Eliza became the glow stick queen:)
While we were there we also had fun at the park, had fun doing some shopping, seeing a movie,and eating out.  I finally got to try out Swig and have to say I was disappointed in the drinks and the cookies.  It wasn't all it was cracked up to be, at least in my opinion.
A highlight of our trip was running into this cute girl and her family.  We served with her in Texas and it was so fun to see her again and catch up.
Alyse and I made it to my grandparents graves down in Utah county.
And April and her girls went with me to mine and Kim's parents here in the city.
I enjoyed Weston's Preschool graduation program.
I was proud of Eliza for earning her Bobcat Award....
And proud of Brianna for her Preschool graduation.  She will start Kindergarten in the Fall.
Kaitlyn and Brianna did such a cute job in their ballet performance in the Magic Toy Shop.  Kaitlyn was a teddy bear and Brianna was a rag-doll.
I didn't get a picture with everyone that came to their dance program but I did catch some of them.
The picture below is of Ruby at 3 and 1/2weeks.  She is a month old now and I just don't know where the time has gone.  She grows and changes too fast:)  I love her!