The Fisher Family

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Fourth, Jam, Another Year Older, and Silver Lake:)

We had a fun Fourth of July.  April's family and Alyse and Jarom celebrated with us:)
We had a great spot for our picnic at the old Holladay Elementary.  Their was a great band playing and we enjoyed a fabulous fireworks display.
The following day all our kids came over and we all made strawberry jam together.  It was a party:)
I celebrated getting another year older and these guys made it so fun! 
On my real birthday all my kids were joining me for lunch but one was really sick and another had a work project that had to be finished so it ended up just being me, Alyse, and April but we had fun:)
For dessert we enjoyed coconut caramel cake and tole house pie.  Yum!   
We had a fun family night up at Silver Lake.
The little girls enjoyed feeding the baby ducks as well as some fat squirrels.
Little ruby just keeps growing and growing.  She is two and a half months old now.  We love her!