The Fisher Family

Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Birthdays, Pioneer Day, Trek

Happy Birthday to Alyse and Miss E. They are the last of our July birthdays. We celebrated with both of them at our family dinner last Sunday. Their birthdays are just a day a part. Above is Alyse with her cake.

Emma with her cake.

The birthday girls.

The whole family enjoyed celebrating with them.

Me with Miss E on her real birthday.

Kim and I celebrating with Alyse the day after her birthday when she was home from Trek.

Our neighborhood had a parade for all the kids to celebrate the 24th of July which is Pioneer Day. Kaitlyn enjoyed watching the parade.

Eliza and Brianna rode in their wagon in the parade.

After the parade their was a bonce house and slide for the kids, snow cones, desserts, a clown who made balloon items for the kids. It was lots of fun!

Above is Brianna with her balloon hat.

The little girls enjoyed sparklers to celebrate Pioneer Day. Well most of them did. Brianna wasn't too sure about them at first.

Kaitlyn was fascinated by them.

Eliza just had a ball with them!

These two cuties above became Pioneers for four days as they participated in our Stakes Pioneer Trek up in Wyoming. Above and below is what they looked like before they left.

Above is Annie with her good friend right before they depart. Below are Annie and Alyse.

Annie and Alyse on trek.

Annie playing Pioneer games.

Alyse with some of her YSA trek family.

Mekenna and Annie

Annie and Alyse. Our girls came home hot, sweaty, so dirty, so tired, so sunburned, so blistered, but they had loved every minute of it! They gained a greater love and understanding for the Pioneers and experienced little miracles in their own lives. They said it was the hardest thing they had ever done but was also a very humbling and spiritual experience. Alyse had her birthday while on trek and said it was one she will never forget!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another Year Older and Another Parade

I have just celebrated another birthday. And when you are as old as I am all the celebrating is what makes having a birthday fun. The party started last Sunday when the whole family celebrated with me. Besides our traditional chocolate mint cake my oldest and youngest daughters made me a chocolate cake with a chocolate sauce to pour over it. It was to die for. Thanks everyone it was a fun party.

Wed. morning I had a party with my grand kids. Everyone was able to come except for Mr. H. We missed him. He was at a scout camp. We all had breakfast together and then had red velvet cupcakes after. Thanks for celebrating with me kids it was fun!

On my real birthday the two girls pictured with me below took me to lunch.

Later they surprised me with balloons, a giant tootsie roll pop, and butter dream cookies. The family members that live at my house had another party with me and another cake. (I am not getting on the scale until I start my diet tomorrow). And a highlight of my birthday was seeing the new Harry Potter movie. Thank you dear family and friends for the calls, cards, gifts, lunches, and breakfast's. I have appreciated and loved it all!

We spent Sat. morning at the 24th of July Children's Parade down town. Three of my grandchildren had the privilege of being in it. Below is April with Eliza in front of our wards float. They were pioneers.

Below are Miss E and Mr. H. They were the cutest Hippies ever. Their wards float represented the 60's.

Waiting for the parade to begin.

Watching the parade.

Our pioneers.

After the parade.

I love July. It is a fun, busy month.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Family Reuion 2011 and Mutton Bustin

Last Friday night we attended the Draper Rodeo where our little three and a half year old grandson Warren was participating in the Mutton Bustin part of the rodeo. The picture below is from last year. This year he actually stayed on quite a while and had a good little ride but of course I wasn't able to get a picture of that (although my son got a great video of it). My pictures are after he fell off. Oh well. It was fun to watch him ride his sheep.

Below Warren is giving a high five to Grandpa after finishing his Mutton Bustin.

I just had to get a picture of little Weston in his cute cowboy boots.

Sat. morning was my family reunion. My sister Marilyn hosted it this year. Below are three of my granddaughters having fun blowing bubbles.

Some people had fun watching the games....

and others had fun playing them.

My kids.

Good food.

The Fisher family.

Below is me with my sisters Marilyn and Janet. We missed Carol and Marv not being there and we always miss Earlene and Jim.