The Fisher Family

Monday, January 4, 2016

December 2015

This is a long picture blog, but Dec. was so busy and fun I just had to post it!  Below is a picture of Kim and I at Temple Square.  The beginning of the month we had a date with some of our good friends.  We checked out the beautiful lights on Temple Sq., The candy windows in Macy's, the downtown Christmas decorations as well as the ones at the City Creek Mall.  Then we had a yummy dinner.  It was such a fun night and put me in the Christmas spirit!
Next we got to attend our beautiful granddaughter Miss E's performance in the Molly Mouse (a version of the Nutcracker) ballet as well as a Nativity ballet.  She was awesome.  She had a lot of family support but Kim, and Alyse and Jarom had to take off before we were able to get pictures.
Miss E and her mom:)
Our ward put on the most fun Christmas Party ever! Kim was in charge of it this year and he did such a good job.  It was held at Camp Tracy up Millcreek Canyon.  The setting was beautiful with snow, but the roads were dry. The lodge was decorated so festively. We had a wonderful breakfast,  After everyone who wanted to could decorate gingerbread cookies, we had fun visiting with neighbors, took pictures and then Santa showed up! Below is April and her girls in front of the Christmas tree.
Me with April's girls in front of the roaring fire.
Brianna and I had to get a picture together since she had a reindeer on her dress and I had reindeer anthers on my head:)
Kim busy cooking in the kitchen.
April's family with Santa.
I got to attend little Kaitlyn's preschool Christmas party.  All the kids got to wear their pajamas to preschool. They served the kids and parents and grandparents a yummy lunch and then there was a fun program.
Kaitlyn and her mom.
Singing her heart out:) So cute!
After the program Santa show up!
All the kids were given a Titan Tot T shirt from Santa and a gift from their preschool teachers.It was a fun party!
I got to see Miss E's dance concert at her Jr. High.  She had a solo part in one of the dances!
I also got to attend Eliza's performance of Christmas songs in her French Choir.
She did awesome!
On Christmas Eve we had fun with this cutie.
6 of our 9 grandchildren and their families, Along with Alyse and Annie joined us on Christmas Eve.  Jarom was in Colorado this Christmas with his family since his little sister was in the hospital and very sick. Thankfully she was released Christmas afternoon and is doing better now. Below is me with the grandkids:)
Andrews family.
Kim and I with Andrews kids.
Kim and I with April's kids.
All the kids and grandkids that were there on the Stairs.
We had a yummy late lunch and then played a fun candy bar game, and then the grandkids opened presents from their cousins and Andy's family opened their presents and Kim and I opened ours from them.  We also did a lot of visiting and watched the movie Elf.  Fun times!
On Christmas morning April's girls got us  up bright and early.  Alyse had spent the night since Jarom was out of town.  She is snuggling with Santa in the picture below.
Below is cute Annie with some of her gifts.  We opened presents and then Annie and Kim made us a delicious breakfast.  After breakfast I started on dinner while April's girls played with new toys and everyone checked out their stockings and ate treats from them. 
Me with Alyse.
Annie and Alyse.
April with her girls.
April's girls loving the Santa balloon our neighbors gave us.
Jenn's family spent about 4 hours with us on Christmas.Below is all of them in front of the Christmas tree.
Kim and I with Jenn's kids.
Opening presents and figuring them out.
Mckay was hobbling around on crutches.  It's too hard to take his wheel chair everywhere.  
All the kids that were with us on Christmas on the stairs.  After opening presents and having a nice Christmas dinner we did some more visiting and playing with Christmas gifts.  After everyone left we watched the movie of Cinderella that Santa had brought.  It was a nice day!  On both Christmas Eve and Christmas day Kim showed the kids some gold, frankincense, and mire.  And talked with everyone about the gifts the wise men had brought to Jesus.  It was interesting to see what it all looked like.
A few days after Christmas we gathered as a family again to celebrate Annie's 23rd birthday.  It was a fun party!  Happy Birthday Annie:)
We finished out the year with a New Years Day lunch at Training Table with all the family that could be there.  We are looking forward to 2016 and all that it will bring:)