The Fisher Family

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Then and Now

This week my oldest daughter celebrates her 13th wedding anniversary! It makes me feel old to think that that much time has passed since she got married. Why does time pass so fast? Since a picture is worth a thousand words I thought I'd share a few of the changes between then and now. Below is Jennifer and Joel on their wedding day. What our family looked like back then. (Just a few differences)
Jenn and Joel now.
Their cute family! Mckay, Hunter, and Emma are some of the differences we get to enjoy now!

Happy Anniversary Jennifer and Joel! We our grateful to have your cute family be part of ours!

Monday, June 15, 2009

WOW #37

Last week Kim and I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary! My 16 year old said wow 37 years is a long time to be committed to the same person! If you've been married that long you must be getting old! Everything she said is true. For the record I would like to say I love my husband much much more today than on the day I married him! We have grown together over the years. He has supported me through good times as well as difficult times. Kim is a wise, loving, talented man. He has been a good provider and a wonderful father and grandfather. I am so grateful to have him for my husband! I look forward to the next 37 years! Below is a blast from the past. Me in my wedding dress on the day I had my Bridal pictures taken.My son in law Joel celebrated his 37th birthday last week. So it really was a week of celebrating the number 37. At our family dinner on Sunday we all celebrated with him.Happy Birthday Joel! We all love you!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Good Old Summer Time

I love Summer time! I like the more relaxed schedule the warm weather, family trips, family reunions etc. Annie had a great last week of school. Wed. evening was the year book stomp. She had a ball at it! Thursday teachers were not taking roll, everyone was just signing yearbooks and leaving when they wanted to. Thursday night was a party. Friday she went to school to get her book refund then went to a movie with friends and then to another party that night. She was so tired from her week of fun that she skipped the party Sat. night to stay home and get some sleep! The thing that I really liked about the school year ending is that at church Annie received her Young Womanhood Recognition Award! This award has taken many hours during the last few years to earn! Way to go Annie! Below is a picture of her with her award.I got to watch my granddaughter Emma's end of the year program. All the songs they kids sang were in Spanish and each of their parts were in Spanish. After they said their parts they translated them into English for us. Good job Emma I really enjoyed the program!

Eliza and Warren have been having lots of fun playing with balls at Grandmas house. I learned pretty fast that I needed to have two balls to play with!
Warren spends every Thursday with me and he loves to play outside! He really likes coming down the slide.

He also likes to play in the play house.

Eliza thinks the play house is pretty great also!

Brianna likes go down the slide if you hold her very gently and slowly as she comes down.

I had the best video of Kim and Andy making strawberry jam (something I usually do) but they made it this year. How great is that? Anyway I couldn't get it to upload but thanks guys for the jam! Isn't summer great?