The Fisher Family

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sports, Dance, Preschool Graduations, Honors, and Memorial Day

It has been a busy, fun Spring with lots of things going on:)  Despite all the rainy weather we have had my grandkids braved the rain to play their sports.  I was there watching and cheering them on.  Below is Weston right before he made a goal at his soccer game.
My awesome little soccer player!
This little guy was an awesome flag football player!
On the field.
Warren with his dad who was his coach.  How special is that!
I attended Kaitie's preschool graduation.  She got her face painted, had a special lunch and did a cute program for the parents and grandparents that were there.
Mom and Kaitlyn.
With Grandma:)
I was also able to attend Weston's preschool graduation.  His class did an awesome job with their program for their parents and grandparents.
Weston with his dad.
Weston with his family minus his big brother.
And with Grandma.
I am so proud of both Eliza and Brianna for earning their Bobcat awards.  Not an easy thing to do!
The girls with their medals.
Eliza with the Bobcat. (their school's mascot.)
Brianna was scared of the Bobcat so mom had to be in the picture with her.
Showing off their awards and new books they received with mom.
And with Grandma. 
For Memorial Day April and her girls went with me to decorate my parents and Kim's parents graves.
And later Alyse and Annie went with me to the Provo and American Fork cemeteries to take flowers to my grandparents graves. Annie was camera shy.
Cute little Kaitlyn was a ladybug in her dance studio's production of The Bugs Picnic. There she is below with her flowers after the performance.
With Grandma
With Mom
With her cousin Miss E. who was part of a cute caterpillar in the dance performance.
Some of the people who were willing to have their pictures taken.  I have a lot of camera shy family members.
Last but not least we got to see cute little Ruby take some of her first steps a couple of weeks ago when I was tending.  So fun! She is growing up so fast!
Now school is out and Summer is here, so more fun to come:)