The Fisher Family

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dear Friends and Spring Has Finally Sprung

It was so fun to see our dear friends the Muir's when they were up our way for Spring Break.  Alyse tended Megan's little boy while they went skiing and my grandchildren had such a fun time with their new friend.
Spring has finally come!!! YAY!  We have had a beautiful week with temperatures in the 60's.  I love seeing the Spring Flowers poking their heads through the ground.  It just makes me feel good!  Happy Spring everyone!

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Happiest Place On Earth!! Happy Birthday Andrew!

When Annie decided to serve a mission she asked Kim and I if the whole family could take a trip to Disneyland before she left.  We talked to everyone and they were all on board to go so we quickly planned  a trip.  Last week we spent a few fun days in the Disneyland park.  Day one we drove to Las Vegas and spent a couple of hours there taking in some of the fountain shows.
We met up with most of the family in the Bologio Lobby.  There they are below under the amazing glass flower ceiling.  It is spectacular!
We also spent some time enjoying the conservatory in the Bologio.  This time it had a Chinese theme. 
Then it was off to Prim where we spent the night.  
Day two.  We drove to Victorville where Alyse and Jarom both spent time serving on their missions and attended church there.  Then we were on our way again.  It was fun driving through Alyse's mission and she was able to show us the different areas she had served in.  We arrived in Anaheim got checked into the hotel then drove to Newport beach so our grandchildren that were traveling  with us could see the ocean.  Even though it was a bit chilly we decided we needed to put our toes into the water.   
This little one got knocked over by a wave so then it was time to go because it was too cold to be wet.
Day three.  Our first day at Disneyland.  Annie and my three oldest grandkids were excited to be heading over to the park.
We had so much FUN!  Right as we were about to take a family picture in front of the Mickey Mouse the Disneyland band  came with Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter.  Our little kids had so much fun dancing with them!! And we had so much fun watching them. 
Alice had my granddaughters sit by her for part of the program.
It took Brianna a while to warm up to her but once she did they became best friends.
The family having fun watching the kids .
After a half hour or so they had the kids step out of the spotlight and got some of our guys to join in the fun.  Kim, Mr. M, Andrew, and Joel all turned out to be great dancers:)
When the band left along with Alice and the Hatter Brianna almost got away with them.  We caught her just in time and then got our family picture in front of the Mickey Mouse. There we all are below.
Then it was off to have a ride all together.  We went on the Jungle Cruse.  Below are two of my boys waiting in  line.
Below we are on the ride.
Two of my little cuties with Tigger.
There they are with E yore
And with Pooh.
Me with my cuties in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.
April and Kaitlyn on the Merry Go Round.
Westi on the Merry Go Round.
My little buddies.
After waiting a hour in line we were finally able to see Minnie Mouse. The girls were thrilled.
Me and the girls with Goofy.  This was the best picture we got with him. I think we were all getting tired.
Kim and I with all our grandchildren in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.
Waiting for the parade to begin.  It was an AWESOME parade.
Day four.  It was cold and cloudy but it didn't rain. Yay! We got an early entrance to the park.  The teacups turned out to be all of my granddaughters favorite ride.
Our Newlyweds.
The lines to see the princesses began. Below is Merida from Brave.
The little bear brothers are in the picture below with them.
Annie and the little girls with Jasmine.
The girls with Teonia.
Annie and the girls with Snow White.
Miss E and I in Pixie Hollow.
The older boys dropped by to tell us their plan.
My granddaughters with one of Tinker Bell's friends.  She is a fast fairy.
Miss E with Tinker Bell.
All the girls with Tink.
Our good friend Megan from Texas lives close to Disneyland now so she joined us in the park. It was so fun to see her and her cute little boy!  We also ran into one of our missionaries from our Dallas days.  It was fun to see him and his family also.
Me with Miss E waiting in line at the Haunted Mansion.
April and her girls with Mickey.  Yay we finally got a picture with him.
Day Five.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  We were lucky to catch Donald Duck as we first entered the Park. 
We also saw Pluto.
Kim and I with our oldest daughters family in front of Small World.
With Alyse and Jarom.
With April and her girls.
With my son and his family.
And with Annie.
Kim and I with our five children.
After pictures we all went on the Small World ride together.
Annie and I.
Me with my little buddies.
Pictures with Pooh.

These three little girls were excited to finally get to see Belle.
On our last night after we got everyone settled in the hotel Annie and I went back to California Adventure and met up with Alyse and Jarom and one of my grandsons.  We were able to go on a few rides and see a spectacular water show.
We had such a fun time.  After the park closed we did some shopping in Downtown Disney and got a bite to eat.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be with all my family on this trip.  It was a dream come true.  We all had such a good time together.  I can't get over how much fun it was!!!   Day six was the long drive home. On Sunday we celebrated my sons birthday with him.  He ended up with an interesting cake this year.  It was made up of three different little cakes and some chocolate mint cookies.
We had a St. Patrick's day theme.
Andrew and I.
Andy and his cute family.
All the family that could be there.  We had a couple out of town and a couple who were sick.
Happy Birthday Andrew we all wish you a very happy year!