The Fisher Family

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Catch Up

Summer is racing by so fast! In June Kim and I celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary! I am so grateful that I have had him by by side through the good times and the hard times over the past 39 years. And I must admit I love him at least 39 more times than I did on the day I married him. Below is a picture of us on that day. Who knew that our blow up pool would be such a great investment! Six of our 8 grandchildren have had so much fun in it this summer.

My best friend from Kindergarten through High School was in town the other day and it was fun to get to visit with her and go to lunch.

My amazing daughter in law ran the Ragnar Race with her team. It went from Logan to Park City! Way to go Annie I am so impressed by you! She is wearing her metal in the picture below.

My oldest daughter celebrated her birthday last weekend. Her husband has a June birthday also so we celebrated their birthdays with them at a fun family party. The day after my daughters birthday they celebrated their anniversary so Happy Birthday J and J and Happy Anniversary also!

We had a really fun little trip to Lake Powell. All of our kids are always invited to join us. We missed the ones that couldn't be with us and had fun with the ones that could. We enjoyed the beach, being in the water, and some water sports, and loved hiking up to the spectacular Rainbow Bridge.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Annie's Graduation

Annie's Senior year has come to an end. The cute girl below graduated on June 2, 2011. Below is Annie in her cute new graduation dress.

The picture below is out of order. This is Annie with some friends after the graduation ceremony ended! Don't they look happy?

Annie holding her year book.

Annie in her cap and gown.

Her graduation cake.

Annie with her cake.

April and her girls were excited for Annie. The girls couldn't wait for the party that was after graduation.

Her brother brought her flowers.

Annie with her proud parents.

The ceremony begins. Annie is in the center of the picture by the white drape.

Her row files out to get their diplomas.

Coming off the stage after receiving her diploma.

After graduating Annie and her siblings and their families came over to the house for dinner and a party. Below is Annie cutting her cake.

Annie and Andrew with Annie.

Three of her favorite nephews and nieces.

Annie with her diploma and metal.

Annie in her party shirt that was the ticket into the all night party her school was having. It says Thank Heaven for 2011.

A few reflections: Annie's Senior year started with the birth of her cute little nephew Weston in Aug. Below is Annie and Weston.

In the first tournament of the season as varsity setter on the volleyball team Annie broke her wrist. This was a huge disappointment and trial for her. After two weeks in a cast she had the Dr. take the cast off and she played the rest of the season with a broken wrist. Choosing to do that came with some challenges also. But they did take 4th in state so that was awesome.

Annie's cute little niece Kaitlyn was born in Oct. four weeks early. Annie loves her to pieces!

Annie's sister and best friend left on a mission . Alyse's leaving was harder on Annie than anyone. She is so proud of what she is doing but she has missed her like crazy.

She participated on Pegasus the school newspaper. She won her school, the area, and region level with her musical composition in the Reflections contest. Annie you have survived all the homework, projects, drama with friends as well as your broken wrist during volleyball season. Congratulations you did it! We are proud of you and wish you the best in all you do in the future.There are 19 years between our oldest and youngest child and having our baby graduate from High School caused me to do some reflecting on those other graduations. Below are Kim and I with our oldest daughter Jennifer at her graduation.

Us with our son Andrew.

With our daughter April.

With our daughter Alyse

And with Annie.

Annie, no task is too great for you to achieve when you have faith and truly believe! We love you Annie and wish you all the best!